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Flock is a fast food counter devoted to chicken and salad at Adelaide and Peter. It's the latest joint from Cory Vitiello of The Harbord Room , and the quick service, low-carb concept is already proving popular at lunch hour.

The utilitarian space positions the ordering counter against the back wall, while limited seating line the perimeter. The menu pays equal attention to the rotisserie as it does to greens, offering their classic chicken whole ($17), halved ($9), or quartered ($5), and pulled of the bone in sandwich form ($8).


The chicken is proudly billed as naturally raised, free of hormones and antibiotics. I find the pricing rather reasonable considering (yes I know what a grocery store chicken costs), just don't expect the freakishly large poultry that they serve at Swiss Chalet.


Execution-wise I would have appreciated crispier skin, but the seasoning is spot on and the meat is moist. It works especially well torn to shreds in sandwich-form paired with creamy avocado, beet horseradish and crispy onions.


Sides for $4 each include choices like roasted sweet potatoes dusted in chili lime salt and steamed acorn squash with crunchy pepitas and spicy yogurt.


I try the Fancy Flock salad ($7/half or $11/full) too - it's one of four vibrant vegetable medleys. This one starts with a mix of peppery arugula and green leaf lettuce and is crafted with cucumbers, crisp radish, red cabbage, wheatberries, sprouts, marinated broccoli, almonds, and crispy onions.

I can't identify how the lime, coconut, cashew and jalape単o contributes to mix - I suspect that the French vinaigrette with olives, capers, and roasted tomatoes is more up my alley. Thankfully customizing is not frowned upon but encouraged and even priced the same as the pre-designed options.


Overall this place is a really solid lunch option for locals. Low on carbs and grease, it's not the kind of food that'll force you into a food coma and there's an endless variety to keep regulars from getting bored.


Photos by Jesse Milns

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