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The top 10 gin and tonics in Toronto

Gin and tonics in Toronto, like everything here, take things to the next level. We’re not just any city and our bars aren’t just any bars, so why would even our simplest cocktails be anything but extraordinary? Whether customizable, boosted by grapefruit, or designed by leading mixologist, raise a glass to the humble G&T.

Here are my picks for the top gin and tonics in Toronto.


A build-your-own (or fai da te) gin and tonic section of the cocktail menu at multiple locations of this Italian powerhouse walks you through a process of choosing between five gins; three different Fever Tree tonics, cucumber sparkling water, or sparkling lemonade; and then half a dozen garnish options including basil, rosemary and orange.


The gin and grapefruit tonic is such a fixture at this Parkdale restaurant it’s simply listed as the “signature;” gin combined with lime and house tonic plus a pop of grapefruit. This refreshing flavour combination plus the fact that it’s still the cheapest cocktail on the menu make this one of the most dangerously drinkable gin and tonics in town.


From the formidable drink menu that extends to most locations of the Drake empire, a Drake G&T combines an ounce and a half of gin with Carroll & Co. tonic syrup, seltzer, juniper, cucumber and lemon.


The Padrino Gin Tonic at this Distillery District restaurant is custom-designed to order, served in a fishbowl glass with a king ice cube. Bartenders help you select a juniper, dry, citrus or botanical forward gin, then expertly pair it with garnishes and the proper tonic, poured down a swizzle spoon so as not to prematurely release its effervescence.

Kingston Social House

A gin and tonic menu at this Scarborough social club at Kingston and Warden has the signature P&T G&T, named for the owners and accented by Fever Tree elderflower tonic, lemon and juniper berries. The Kingston has cardamom, lime and Mediterranean tonic, and the Winter has sloe gin, orange bitters, elderflower liqueur and Campari.

Piano Piano

A C & Co. Tonic from a list of $13 cocktails at this Harbord Village Italian place is made using tonic syrup, lemon, juniper berries, soda water and gin.

Civil Liberties

This busy bar near Ossington station will whip up pretty much anything your heart desires booze-wise, from the simplest of no-frills gin and tonics to the most creative combination of flavours and aromas you can dream up, using the impressive array of ingredients and spirits stocked behind the bar.

The Lockhart

The Botanist is far from the most eccentrically named cocktail at this Harry-Potter-themed bar at Dufferin and Dundas, but it is one of the most dependably delicious with mint-and-cucumber-infused gin, cucumber, lime and tonic.


This King West bar serves their gin and tonic on the rocks with a lemon wheel, mixed with both soda water and house tonic water along with fresh lemon juice.

Spirit of York

This isn’t technically a bar open until last call, but this Distillery District gin maker does have a tasting room where you can sample a gin and tonic made with booze created on the premises and a choice of around half a dozen tonic waters or syrups.

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Hector Vasquez at Kingston Social House

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