where to watch eclipse toronto

Here are the best free spots to view the once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse in Toronto

Toronto is counting down the days until a rare solar eclipse darkens the skies above the city in a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see a near-total blackout of the sun in the middle of an afternoon on April 8, 2024.

The skies above Toronto will darken between 2:04 p.m. and 4:31 p.m. next Monday, with the peak happening at 3:19 p.m. in what will almost certainly be one of the largest coordinated coffee breaks in the city's history.

According to a sun chart for Toronto, at the exact moment the eclipse peaks, the sun will be located at an altitude of 45 degrees above the horizon and a heading of 225 degrees southwest.

This should make for optimal viewing conditions from vantage points with clear views to the southwest, and anyone hoping to include the city skyline in their eclipse view will want to trek northeast of the downtown core for the best spots.

where to watch eclipse toronto


Here are blogTO's top picks for the best free viewing locations to take in this incredibly rare spectacle.

Riverdale Park East

The east end of Riverdale Park at the top of the (former garbage) hill along Broadview Avenue is a favourite lookout for skyline shutterbugs, and should prove a busy spot for eclipse-viewers if the weather holds up on the big day. The sun would appear high above downtown skyscrapers from this angle, which could make for some exceptional photos of the event.

Chester Hill Lookout

Those wanting more of an intimate (but still public, so don't get any ideas) setting to take in the rare event might want to visit the nearby Chester Hill Lookout, a quiet cul-de-sac at the end of a residential street with a great view of the Don Valley Parkway and city skyline that will be capped off by the eclipse — though you might have to contend with some tree cover.

Governor's Bridge Lookout

Trek up the winding path leading to a hill above the Evergreen Brick Works for an impressive panorama featuring a mix of lush foliage, bustling road infrastructure and the distant cityscape that should look even more breathtaking when the skies dim on the afternoon of April 8.

Corktown Common

Another great spot to witness this once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon is the hill atop Corktown Common park in the city's West Don Lands area. Like many of these outdoor spots, viewing conditions will depend largely on cloud cover, though even if the skies are clouded over, viewers can look forward to uncharacteristically dark conditions for mid-afternoon.

Sugar Beach

The sun will sit south of the main skyline when the eclipse peaks, with the potential reflections off of water. Sugar Beach's mix of views spanning from the skyline to the lake and its signature pink umbrellas could be the perfect backdrop for your eclipse snapshots.

Colonel Samuel Smith Park

Some could care less about having an iconic skyline join their view of the eclipse and might instead be looking for a place with clear unobstructed views over the water. Few places in Toronto offer such a view, and your best bet for eclipse-over-water views is likely Colonel Samuel Smith Park in the New Toronto area of Etobicoke.

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