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Oddsmakers think Chris Sky actually has a shot at Toronto mayor but lol

The mayoral candidate that everyone loves (to hate) claims to be garnering more and more public favour as Toronto gets closer to municipal by-election day, but only if one considers the odds on bet365 to be truly representative of what could actually happen at the polls next week.

Chris Saccoccia — better known as Chris Sky, prominent figure of the COVID denial movement — shared how his odds have changed on the site in recent days, perhaps thanks to his incessant selfie-facing videos encouraging fans to vote for him and PR stunts like very publicly turning himself into police last week to be arrested for the umpteenth time.

Since Monday, Saccoccia has been taking to Twitter, which he was previously banned from, to hype himself up as a surprising frontrunner in the race, showing his followers how he's jumped up in the odds on the gambling website in recent days.

"A gambling site is a lot more accurate than a fake news poll!" he wrote along with a clip of him showing the online odds yesterday morning.

"You want proof that I'm [the] top three candidate? Well there's no better proof than the betting websites," Saccoccia exclaims excitedly, struggling, as usual, to enunciate over his mouthful of oversized, bulletproof fake teeth.

He goes on to compare his odds on the site Sunday to Monday morning, saying that he has moved from the top seven, at money line odds of +5,000, to the top three, at money line odds of +2,500, on "the gambling websites that never lose."

Even though Sky's claim to the top three was inaccurate based on the screen he shows in the video, he has indeed gained ground in the bets, tied for second with Mark Saunders (+1200) after Olivia Chow (-1400) at the time of publication.

"Watch this and watch as I become the favourite, and watch as I become the victor," Saccoccia encourages his supporters at the end of his video, which was, in his typical style, just the first absolutely manic self-promotional clip on the topic.

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