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Toronto man panned as 'racist Holocaust denier' announces intention to run for mayor

Far-right activist Christopher Saccoccia, better known by his supporters as Chris Sky, announced his intention to run for the newly-vacated seat of Toronto mayor during a rally held at Queen's Park over the Family Day long weekend.

The so-called freedom movement, which began as an anti-vaccine mandate campaign and has since become a catch-all anti-government, pro-conspiracy group, has continued holding regular rallies at Queen's Park long after the lifting of the vaccination mandates they fought to end.

An outspoken voice in this group, Chris Sky spoke at a Saturday rally, where he told flag-waving supporters that he plans to run for mayor.

"I am going to announce that I fully intend to run for mayor of Toronto," said Sky, to a chant of "Chris for Mayor" and a cacophony of cowbells.

In addition to fighting against vaccines, all while allegedly vaccinated himself, are nothing compared to his vile racist comments, including his belief that established facts about Nazi atrocities like the Holocaust are "inaccurate" and his penchant for casually quoting Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf. 

Sky has also been quoted making racist remarks directed at other groups, including anti-Black and Islamophobic comments. And now he wants to run one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

Unfortunately, this would not be the first case of Neo-fascism bleeding into Toronto municipal politics. In 2018, former Toronto Sun and Rebel news reporter turned blatant white nationalist, Faith Goldy, launched an unsuccessful bid to unseat John Tory as mayor.

She was not included in debates, yet still managed to place a distant third in the polls, winning 3.4 per cent of the vote.

Sky's prominence has faded from mainstream attention since early 2022, when the antics of anti-mandate rallies dominated headlines around the country.

People seemed to grow tired of his frequent bans from social media platforms for sharing dangerous and offensive views, viral meltdowns, and other cringeworthy activities, and attention eventually waned.

But now he's back and looking for real power.

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