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Toronto anti-masker bro Chris Sky is trending again and people can't get over his teeth

Who is Chris Sky? Why is his name all over Toronto (nay, most of Ontario) this morning? Are those teeth, like... what's going on there? What's going on with this man's teeth?

Search trends suggest that Canadians have a lot of questions about our country's foremost anti-mask, anti-vaccine passport, pro-deep V tank top figurehead Christopher Saccoccia right now.

An abbreviated version of his bio, as written by members of the public, would say that Sky is "a Canadian conspiracy theorist known for his involvement in the anti-mask, anti-lockdown, COVID-19 denial and anti-vaccine movements during the COVID-19 pandemic."

That's not me being snarky, that's a direct quote from Wikipedia, which also notes that Saccoccia is the son of a prominent local developer and that he has been arrested on several occasions, leading to such charges as violating the Ontario Quarantine Act, assault and uttering death threats.

Locals will know Sky as the muscular dude who used to lead anti-lockdown rallies at Queen's Park (followed by raves at Cherry Beach) and as the childless founder of an anti-lockdown group called Mothers Against Distancing.

As for why his name is trending on Twitter right now, the reasons are fourfold, involving three separate protest actions and an unverified rumour that Mr. Anti-Everything himself is actually double-vaccinated.

Saccoccia, who describes himself on Twitter as a "human rights advocate, world class speaker, author" and "business professional," has yet to reply to a request for comment from blogTO regarding his vaccination status.

His outspoken belief that medical information should be kept between patients and doctors suggests that he likely won't — but Sky wasn't preaching against vaccinations this weekend. Rather, he was encouraging his follower base to practice "mass non-compliance" with Ontario's new vaccination passport policy.

On Friday, Sky led his supporters by the dozens into an LA Fitness location in Aurora, Ontario, demanding that they all be allowed to work out without wearing masks or showing proof-of-vaccination reciepts, both of which are currently required by law.

York Regional Police said that they were monitoring the situation, but have yet to report that any charges were laid as a result of the incident.

On Saturday, Sky spoke to hundreds outside the CF Eaton Centre in Toronto. At one point, he appeared to encourage his listeners to storm the mall without masks or vaxx-passes — something they did without hesitation, resulting in the arrests of two people, neither of whom were Sky.

"Can Chris Sky actually be in real trouble this time? Seriously, FFS," wrote one Twitter user following the event, echoing the sentiments of many on the platform.

On Sunday, King City's own "Vanilla ISIS" hosted a more peaceful rally in London, Ontario, after which he gleefully dined maskless inside a local restaurant and filmed it for all to see.

The video was shot inside a London restaurant called The Works Craft Burgers & Beer, reportedly owned by failed Toronto PPC Candidate Ian Roden.

"When Chris Sky comes to your town, restaurants will not enforce the vaccine passport," says Sky to the camera while seated maskless at a table inside the restaurant.

"Look at this, look at how many people we have at the table, we have the whoooole restaurant."

Ontarians are once again calling upon police to come down harsher on Saccoccia for his role in riling up anti-vaxxer types, but people elsewhere who are just learning of his existence are more focused on his mouth.

Specifically, they're poking fun at his large, almost blindingly-white (and surely incredibly expensive) veneers.

Is it shallow and sort of mean? Surely. But it's happening, as this kind of thing does to almost anyone who thrusts themselves into the public spotlight.

A parody Twitter account that presents itself as "Chris Sky's: Grey Matter [sic]" regularly chirps on the anti-mask leader for having larger-than-life veneers, as well as his oversized chest muscles.

"Leg day? LEG DAY? Who needs it with a photoshopped body like this! This face, these TEETH!," reads one messsage posted on Thursday in response to a video of Sky's LA Fitness stunt.

"If you don't walk by dragging your body by your teeth, you are a BETA MALE!"

"Oh the fame, THE FAME! I shall become famous from an anonymous Twitter account!" reads another posted the same day. "THE FAME MY TEETH SHALL BRING ME!"

It's unlikely that we'll ever know if Sky is vaccinated or unvaccinated, though it's clear that he vehemently opposes the government's mandate that patrons of bars, restaurants, gyms, cinemas and other select indoor spaces show vaccine reciepts to staff upon entry.

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