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Toronto anti-lockdown leader Chris Sky says he's unvaxxed but nurse hints otherwise

The single loudest voice in Canada's anti-vax movement is challenging his detractors to prove a controversial claim that he, himself, has been vaccinated twice.

Anti-vax bro and vocal activist Chris Sky (real name Christopher Saccoccia) is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who can prove that he's been vaccinated.

Sky's bold, obscenity-filled offer appears to be a direct response to an unverified online post that raises potential questions about the leader's adherence to his own conspiracy theories.

In an anonymous Reddit post, an Edmonton nurse alleges that she administered a second-dose vaccine to a well-known anti-vax leader, and people are connecting the dots and coming to the conclusion that the unnamed activist may have been Chris Sky, who was arrested in that city during a recent demonstration.

It's not the first time Sky has been accused of taking the vaccine, but it is by far the most detailed and potentially damning account, despite never actually naming the patient in question.

The post begins innocently enough with, "I'd like to share a recent experience I had with an anti-vaxxer," but things get a bit complicated from there.

"A few weeks back, I had a gentleman come in for his SECOND shot. Second is in capitals for a reason," the post alleges. "He was very adamant that the vaccine was 'deadly'ย (his words), and that it was being forced upon him. I very clearly let him know he absolutely did not have to have this shot."

"He went on about how the government was forcing him and his dad was forcing him. I just assumed he needed it for his employment and his father was his boss. I didn't ask questions though. I just let him rant."

It seems that whoever the patient was, they were particularly concerned about the confidentiality of their vaccination, a worry that may have been justified.

"He then kept asking about his medical information being private and I assured him it was. Not to mention that I was sure that nobody cared about him being vaccinated to which he replied 'Thousands will care if they find out.'"

The nurse says that a few weeks after administering this second dose to "a very unforgettable character," they were made aware of the patient's identity through videos of anti-vaxxers on social media, saying, "there is the guy that I inoculated. LEADING AN ANTI-VACCINATION rally."

"The rest of the evening I watched him. He uses a pseudonym but it was 100% him," the post alleges. "My friend told me he was the most well-known anti-vaxxer in Canada. Maybe he is or maybe he isn't. All I know is that he is double vaccinated and I was the one who administered the second shot."

While the post is careful to avoid mentioning anyone specifically, Chris Sky's apparent reaction to the allegation now has his name trending on Twitter.

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