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Toronto anti-vaxxer Chris Sky berates his supporters in cringeworthy viral video

Toronto's infamously intense anti-lockdown advocate Christopher Saccoccia, better known as Chris Sky, continues to travel the nation preaching against pandemic-related public health measures such as mandatory masks and vaccine passports.

While he usually manages to draw hundreds of supporters to his rallies, Sky hasn't always been completely respectful to those who show up and rail alongside him.

But never before has footage gone viral of the small jacked man straight up screaming at children and calling his own fans "losers" on a microphone.

Not until this week, at least.

Sky and his colleagues appear to be on something called the "No Vax Pass Tour," the contents of which are unclear, but appear to feature Sky delivering impassioned speeches about Pfizer secretly drugging kids and likening himself to Rosa Parks.

The Canadian conspiracy theorist, as Wikipedia has dubbed him, was certainly passionate when he unleashed on crowds during a tour stop in Nanaimo, B.C. on Monday.

In widely-circulated footage from the Monday afternoon event, we hear a clearly agitated Sky bemoaning the fact that a band is playing music at the event he's late for.

"I'm going to f*cking lose it!" shouts Sky, who then... well, does.

The controversial COVID denialist can be seen walking onto the gazebo stage and taking the singer's microphone, right in the middle of a performance. "I've had about a f*cking nuff," he says into the mic.

His behaviour grows even more disturbing as he launches into a tirade, nearly breathless with rage.

"I don't know what the f*ck you people think this is! This is a war against your f*cking children, they're coming to inject them with a poison, they are taking your jobs, they are taking your houses, and how do you respond?... by coming out and listening to a fucking band play?" he yells, throwing his sunglasses to the ground for dramatic effect.

"Are you guys f*cking kidding me? are you guys kidding me?"

"This is what it means to freedom fight? To come listen to a stupid band at a sh*tty event where the organizers are more worried about getting you on a f*cking march than getting you actually doing something?" Sky continues.

"Fucking pathetic, each and every one of you should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves."

Another video shows Sky egging on someone in the crowd, calling the event attendee a "big man" and inviting him to come forward before continuing to rant about how much of a "joke" and a "mockery" the event is.

"I hope you're upset! I hope I'm offending you!" he shouts as members of the crowd turn against him. "I'm more offended than all of you!"

Another man tries to intervene at one point, but two women who appear to be with Sky run over and usher him away. The scene (which can be viewed in full here) is bizarre, awkward and downright uncomfortable to watch.

And yet, hundreds of people in Nanaimo still joined Sky to storm a local Canadian Tire directly following the rally.

A local B.C. news outlet reports that "staff at the Nanaimo Canadian Tire were startled as up to 200 people without masks flooded the store" on Monday evening.

Employees were evacuated and police were called, according to My Campbell River Now. About a dozen officers attended the scene to observe.

"According to reports, there was no violence or vandalism, and the group left after singing O'Canada," reports the paper. "Some even did a little shopping."

While they kept it peaceful, it's of note that those who entered the Canadian Tire maskless alongside Sky on Monday night were in violation of provincial restrictions.

In British Columbia, masks are currently required indoors for all people born in 2016 or earlier, with limited exceptions.

A few of the very young children Sky was seen screaming profanities in front of earlier that day, if present, would have been the only legal shoppers among the group.

Sky did not respond to a request for comment from blogTO regarding his Monday afternoon "meltdown," as one Twitter user called it, but he did respond to the aforementioned user, saying:

"I gave tough love in Nanaimo. 1000% required. Funny you asked, merch was selling so well I REFUSED TO SELL IT FOR ANY PRICE in Nanaimo because the people needed to EARN the right to wear #JUSTSAYNO."

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Caryma S'ad

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