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Anti-vax mascot Chris Sky plans on shutting down Ontario transit lines

Anti-vaccine dude-bro Chris "Sky" Saccoccia is apparently still pissed off about everything, and is riling up his legions of bumper-stickered minions to bring their unmasked, unvaccinated face holes to a public transit line near you.

Gross. But you want to know what's even more outrageously disgusting? He's calling his quest to make your Oct. 30 commute a nightmare in the name of anti-vax rights the "Rosa Parks Challenge."

The toothy, tattooed, ticking time bomb is asking his supporters across Canada to "Go to every bus, train, street car, ferry sit and quietly and politely refuse to disclose vax status and sit and wait for service or fines."

He then (unironically) tells his predominantly far-right base that Rosa Parks "would be proud of you." Yikes.

This is the same Chris Sky who complained about the new $10 bill with Viola Desmond replacing John A. Macdonald, belittling her role in the Canadian civil rights saga to "a black woman that refused to leave a movie theatre."

The planned demonstrations are not going unnoticed here in Ontario, and have caught the attention of Hamilton Street Railway (HSR), who issued an internal memo alerting transit employees of the potential disturbances.

Protocols have been given to transit drivers in handling unmasked passengers, advising that:

"If someone, or a group, tries to board your bus without a mask and is presenting intentional behaviour towards non-compliance with COVID-19 protocols, ask them to be compliant with our City of Hamilton by-law or leave the bus, contact Control and make them aware of your situation."

"If the activity persists, or they fail to leave the bus at your request, place the bus out of service and await instructions from attending Supervision and or Hamilton Police Services," the memo states.

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Hamilton Street Railway

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