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Another Toronto restaurant apologizes for letting anti-vaxxer Chris Sky dine inside

Chris Sky, one of the newfound leaders of the anti-mask and anti-vax movement in Canada, continues to make his rounds at businesses in the GTA to fight Ontario's vaccine passport mandate, which establishments are legally required to enforce as of Sept. 22 and had no hand in creating.

Unfortunately for proprietors who aren't among those opposed to the new public health measure, the man also chooses to prolifically document his every move on social media.

After visiting an L.A. Fitness in Aurora, the Toronto Eaton Centre and a location of The Works Craft Burgers & Beer in nearby London, among others, Sky decided to make his way to Kensington Market in recent days, yet again choosing a burger joint to enter maskless and dine at despite not having valid proof of inoculation against COVID-19.

"Once again, no vax pass, just good food," Sky (née Saccoccia, of Sky Homes Corp. family repute) says in a video while eating with wife Jennifer at The Burgernator at 269 Augusta, in the centre of the bustling neighbourhood and tourist destination, on Oct. 1.

"Never comply, never give up, and never listen to the government, all they do is lie," he continues, flashing his signature giant veneers.

Unconfirmed chatter on socials alleged that staff permitted Sky inside because "he's a regular," though a statement issued by the establishment after-the-fact claims otherwise.

"As some of you might have heard, a well known anti-vaxxer dined in our restaurant without confirmation of his vaccination status. Unfortunately this happened on our grounds and for that we are completely ashamed," reads a statement on The Burgernator's Instagram, posted Sunday.

"We have taken the appropriate measures and educated our staff to ensure that something like this never happens again... but the staff on call that day were intimidated by such a public figure."

Management went on to say that all employees are fully vaccinated and have been "actively trying" to follow public health recommendations.

"All that we can do from here is learn from our mistakes and do better. We are a small family business and are learning as we go."

Though the post has garnered 236 likes in less than 24 hours, the majority of the 42 comments thus far are from people who subscribe to Saccoccia, with multiple statements of "unfollowed" between the odd response like "thx for trying to keep us safe."

As anti-vaxpass demonstrations wage on, the divide between those in support of the move other government-imposed restrictions, and those who vehemently oppose them, continues to appear to worsen.

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