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Toronto anti-vaxxer Chris Sky just got banned from Twitter and people are reacting

Just days after getting the boot from Instagram, anti-vax leader Christopher Saccoccia, better known as Chris Sky, has been excised from another major social media platform, losing his Twitter following over more of his trademark conspiratorial ramblings.

Sky has been banned from Twitter before and always seems to come back, though his audience takes a hit with each new account that gets torn down.

His current Twitter account was marked as 'suspended' on Monday, the latest blow in the anti-vaxxer's campaign for notoriety, but Sky quickly continued his game of whac-a-mole, reappearing with at least two more accounts that were subsequently banned in short order.

Despite losing his Twitter audience, it didn't take long for Sky's ramblings to appear on the platform. Sky still has an active following on Telegram, a platform purported to be popular with the far-right, where he released a video message addressing his latest ban.

In the clip, Sky asks, "Why are they killing my Insta? Why did they kill my Twitter?"

"Very simple," Sky continues. "They didn't do it by accident. It's because within the next couple weeks, they're going to declare their next lockdown."

"Before all you little kiddies can get back from school, they're going to tell 'we have a record number of cases, a new wave, and now we need the harshest lockdowns ever, including of the vaccinated.'"

Sky then goes on to falsely suggest that people who get the booster are extending the pandemic rather than helping to curb rising case counts. Most of it is too crazy to dignify with quotes.

Many on Twitter are responding positively to the news of Sky's ban, and there's plenty of humour at his expense.

And like every Chris Sky video, someone had to bring up his ever-prominent teeth.

Some find it difficult to understand why and how Sky still has all of this support.

One commenter even accuses Sky of hypocrisy, adding to unconfirmed rumours swirling around that allege the anti-vax figurehead is actually vaccinated against COVID-19 despite his very public stance on the matter.

While Sky's supporters are decrying the bans as censorship and an infringement on free speech, many defend Twitter's decision, with one user suggesting that the move could save lives.

Sky's prominence in the anti-vax scene appears to be waning even, with failed protests, a hilarious self-doxxing incident, a viral video of the figurehead berating his followers, and recent social media bans all taking a toll on his audience.

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