high park cherry blossoms 2023

High Park cherry blossoms in Toronto could reach peak bloom earlier this year

The highest anticipated part of Spring in Toronto is witnessing cherry blossoms in full bloom. This year in High Park the buds may reach peak bloom earlier than expected. 

Sakura in High Park reports the buds to appear "larger, rounder and fuller" as of this past weekend. They predict the bloom period to be between the end of April into early May. 

"A further highlight was seeing some buds already showing their green tips, which signals those specific buds are already progressing on to the next stages of  development," the latest blog post says. 

As the forecast shows double-digit temperatures in Toronto this week, the warmer weather speeds up the process and can lead to the sakuras blossoming even sooner.

The flowers bloom approximately three weeks from when the buds begin to turn green. All this rain will eventually be worth it when the buds swell into floret, then expand into pale pink petals. 

The sakura cherry blossoms are a sight and scent to behold. They are worthy of the highest respect as the most beautiful yearly phenomenon in Toronto's parks.

It's easy to damage the trees by touching the branches, picking off petals or by littering which attracts pests and animals. But you're more than welcome to gaze, walk around High Park and take photos with the glorious blossoms. 

Last year, High Park saw peak blooms occur in the first week of May. In 2021 they peaked as early as the week of Apr. 20.

We can now count down the weeks until the final stage, a natural spectacle that lasts up to two weeks. 

Sakura in High Park regularly posts updates on bloom predictions and explains the blooming stages in great detail on their blog. 

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George Hornaday

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