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Doug Ford's anti-vax daughter refuses to be in Christmas card from Premier's Office

Ontario Premier Doug Ford's eldest daughter, Krista Ford Haynes, is conspicuously missing in the photos used for her family's annual Christmas card this year, and she's more than happy to tell anyone who will listen why that's the case.

Krista, a self-described police wife who loves "Jesus and freedom," has been notoriously outspoken in recent years about vaccine mandates, lockdown restrictions, the use of masks and other public health measures.

The 31-year-old dog rescue advocate has proudly been eschewing COVID vaccinations since her father was first able to procure them for some 15 million Ontarians. She has expressed support for the "freedom rally" crew, has attended events related to the infamous trucker convoy, and has been sharing her controversial views via Instagram for nearly three years.

Much of what Krista says online is in direct opposition to the Premier and other government officials, from her wild conspiracy theories about DNA collection to some offensive comparisons between public health restrictions and the holocaust.

It's safe to say that the young woman and her father don't see eye-to-eye on some things, though the Ford himself has been reserved when addressing Krista's rants, referring to them only peripherally when asked, if he acknowledges them at all.

Last year, with the pandemic still in full swing, the Premier's Office sent out a holiday greeting card featuring only Ford and his wife, Karla.

This raised some eyebrows, as Ford's four daughters have always joined the couple in wishing everyone a Merry Christmas with the family holiday dispatch. Previous cards have also, at times, included Ford's late mother and Krista's husband, former TPS Sgt. Dave Haynes.

Some wondered in 2021 if Ford had kept all of his daughters out of the card to prevent the awkwardness of one (Krista) being excluded, but nobody knew for sure why it was only Doug and Karla in 2021. 

This year, there's no mystery whatsoever.

"On behalf of Karla, myself, Kayla, Kara and Kyla, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays," reads the card, signed by "Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario."

The family's 2022 holiday greeting card once again features only Ford and his wife on the exterior, but inside is a picture of the premier, his wife, and their beautiful adult children — minus daughter Krista and son-in-law, Dave, who turned in his badge last year after being suspended from the Toronto Police Service for not complying with vaccine mandates.

Krista took to Instagram this weekend to share why she hadn't been included alongside her sisters in the card, sharing another version of the photo where she stands next to her dad in the family portrait.

"As some noticed, I am absent from the Christmas card sent from the Premier's Office. I missing because I chose not to be in it, however this doesn't have any impact on my relationship with my family or my dad. I love my family. We're in much different positions," she wrote in the post's caption.

"The last 3 years has been tremendously difficult for my family, just like everyone else's family. We have ALL endured A LOT."

A song called "We all need Jesus" plays in the background of her photo, which was posted as a Reel because that's what people are doing these days to please Meta's algorithms.

Krista goes on to say that, while things are getting better again in Ontario, people are still healing from the trauma of what they went through during the pandemic.

"There's something terribly wrong still that doesn't sit well inside me," she writes.

"We have a medical crisis on our hands, to the point where we are calling in the Red Cross while some of our highly trained medical professionals that have been wrongfully terminated or have resigned due to unethical mandates sit on the sidelines, ready and willing to go back to work."

"Big mistakes have been made over the last few years. I am not pointing blame at anyone. We truly lived through unprecedented times and unprecedented things were done. With that, very serious lines were crossed and mistakes were made," she continued.

"Sitting out of the Christmas card from the Premiers Office for a second year is unfortunate but I can only pray that one day, my very, very small actions will spark a group of people in ivory towers to think about what has been done and how we can start making amends and heal our broken nation."

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Caryma Sa'd

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