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Murdered Toronto cop Andrew Hong's daughter Mia delivers tear-jerking speech at funeral

Yesterday was the official funeral for 48-year-old Toronto Police Service Cst. Andrew Hong more than a week after he was brutally murdered at a Tim Hortons.

Around 8,000 police officers from across the country marched outside the Toronto Congress Centre (TCC) ahead of Hong's casket arriving for a closed-door ceremony.

Lots of people spoke about Hong's life and personality including his coworkers, bosses and friends.

But one speaker delivered a speech so emotional, I'm sure there wasn't a dry eye in the whole venue.

This tribute came from Hong's daughter, Mia, who had recently penned another incredibly sad message to her father on Instagram.

She took to the stage inside the TCC and shared her reflections, thoughts and love for her dad.

"My father is a symbol of everything that I want to be. He married someone as amazing as my mom. Had two overachieving children and a career he truly loved," the 17-year-old started.

“With every event he worked, came groups of pictures sent my way. He wanted nothing more than to share with me what he did everyday and it is without a doubt that we can all say he loved riding."

With great composure, Hong offered condolences to her father's policing family.

"When I say family, I also mean the police family. You guys are his family. You are the ones he came to work everyday to see and I know you are grieving with us. I am so sorry that you've lost him. A friend, a brother," she said.

She also talked about her father's life passions such as: animals, old movies, Starwars, cooking, video games and their love of cats, which they shared through an "endless supply of memes, videos and pictures across every possible messaging platform."

Hong recalls her father always being her number-one fan, never missing a sports game.

"Dad I am so sorry you won't be here to cheer me on, in and out of sports. That day we lost a hero. We lost a friend. A brother, a son, a husband and a father."

She also included her mother in the speech, who stood behind Mia the whole time. The couple would've celebrated their 21-year anniversary today.

"Mom, I am so sorry you lost him. Your partner in crime, the one you raised your kids with and did everything with."

She finished the five-minute speech with a beautiful, sentimental and downright heartbreaking sentence.

"Dad, thank you for everything you taught me. I won't forget it, I promise. Goodbye dad."

Constable Hong leaves behind his wife Jenny, kids Alex and Mia, and parents.

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Chief James Rammer

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