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Daughter of murdered Toronto cop Andrew Hong pens heart-wrenching tribute

One of the two children of Andrew Hong, the murdered Toronto Police Services constable who was ambushed at a Mississauga Tim Hortons has publicly spoken out about her father.

The 48-year-old was participating in a training exercise with officers from Peel Region and York Regional police forces when they stopped for a lunch break on Monday, Sept. 12.

Toronto Police said Hong was ambushed unprovoked and died on scene. A second person was also shot and sustained life-altering injuries.

Now his daughter, Mia Hong, has written an extremely emotional and beautiful tribute to her father just days after his death.

Warning, this is really, really sad.

"Dad, I don't even know where to begin. There are so many things I wish I could share with you right now. You held our family together," started the beginning of the Instagram post.

She goes on to share everything Hong has taught her including, how to drive and fish. "You came to every sports game - even woke up early and took a 3 hour train to catch my last basketball game of the tournament. At school, everyone saw you in the bleachers at every game."

Mia reminisces about her relationship with her father and the small day-to-day things the duo shared, like sending memes and photos of cute animals.

"I miss calling you at night to ask when you'll be home, I miss hearing you come up the stairs and knocking on my door, I miss my driving instructor, I miss my role model, I miss you. You were the best husband, father, and son we could have ever asked for."

The post wraps up with Mia acknowledging her father will always be with her, throughout important life milestones.

"It should've never happened this way and I am so sorry you're missing everything. But I know you'll still be with me. You'll see me turn 18, graduate, and go to university because I know it's what you would've wanted.”

She ends the Instagram post by thanking Hong for everything he's done.

"I am so grateful for everything you've done and so proud to call you dad. You were truly a hero to all of us and will always be remembered that way. I'm doing my best to stay strong like you. I'll make you so proud."

Details about the funeral service for Hong have yet to be made public by TPS, however, the public can write a message in a book of condolences for the officer at police headquarters and traffic services.

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