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Man's viral rant about why you should hate Toronto includes some valid points

Living in Toronto has plenty of perks, especially if you're a city person who likes to try new restaurants, bars, and other cool businesses. But the city definitely has its downsides, too, and one former Toronto resident recently went viral for outlining exactly what they are. 

The criminal lawyer, who goes by the username Style Attorney on TikTok, posted a video this week called 'Why I hate Toronto (and you should too).'

"Yo fam, it's been a minute," he says at the beginning of the clip in an exagerrated, sarcastic Toronto accent before switching to his regular voice and explaining that he, like the rest of Canada, hates Toronto for five reasons.

The first reason he highlights is public transportation, and he says the city's subway system just isn't big enough for a city of this size. He argues that the TTC should have way more lines, and that we should look to Sydney, Australia for inspiration. 

Anyone who takes the TTC on a regular basis probably doesn't disagree

The second reason is affordability — a point no one can really dispute no matter how much they love the city. 

"I used to live in Toronto, I started my law career as a trainee in Toronto, and I got out of there as quickly as I could because you will be making $120,000 a year and you will still be poor," he says. "You'll never pay off your student debt, you'll never buy a house and if you do buy a house, it'll be a crappy condo with a bunch of unfriendly people that don't say hello to you on the elevator."

He's not wrong.

The next extremely valid reason he lists for hating Toronto is the traffic. He says he spent an hour stuck in traffic when he arrived in the city last week because of a Jays game, and it's (unfortunately) a scenario too many of us can relate to.

"You spend half your life in traffic when you live in Toronto," he says.

His next reason is the police force and its reputation for racism and descrimination, which is indisputable considering the recently released data showing that Black people were 230 per cent more likely to have a police officer point a firearm at them when they appeared to be unarmed than white people.

His final reason is gun crime, which is once again all too relevant following a weekend that saw four shootings take place in just one day

But while this TikToker may make some valid points when it comes to the pitfalls of living in Toronto, if you can live with these (admittedly significant) downsides, there are still plenty of positive reasons to visit and live in Canada's biggest city. 

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