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A rogue flying wheel caused a near-fatal highway accident close to Toronto

A driver on the QEW in Mississauga ended up with a bit more than a spooky scare this Halloween, also landing themselves charges in a heart-stopping, high-speed incident.

The black four-door SUV travelling eastbound on the QEW near Cawthra Road on Sunday suddenly lost its front left wheel and tire, the car slamming into the pavement and its runaway ring careening into traffic, striking two other vehicles in the process.

Debris from one of the tire-on-car collisions even managed to strike an oncoming vehicle across the centre median in the highway's westbound lanes, hitting its windshield. The tempered glass windshield managed to absorb some of the blow, preventing what would have been a potentially fatal driver-side impact.

Luckily nobody was seriously hurt in the incident, with only minor injuries reported. Though it could have been much worse.

Traffic came grinding to a halt with lane restrictions in effect in both directions on the QEW for about an hour as Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officers conducted their investigation and the scene was cleared of debris and damaged vehicles.

The driver of the SUV was charged under the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario. 

Sunday's near-disaster comes at a time when Ontarians are being reminded to switch their summer and all-season for winter tires, though it appears the wheel in question was not recently swapped judging by its non-winterized grip and general wear and tear.

Either way, it's probably good to make sure all those nuts are tightened after your tire change this season. Otherwise, you might find yourself short a tire or two and in big trouble with the law.

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