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Snow storms hit Southern Ontario as winter weather finally rears its head

As much as they may want to layer up on their local patios and pretend that it's still relatively mild outside, Ontario residents are being dealt a swift reality check this week, with Mother Nature reminding everyone that winter is fast approaching — or, based on the snow and ice currently hitting some regions, that it's already here.

As of mid-Tuesday afternoon, #ONStorm began trending on Twitter, with tons of people across the southern portion of the province sharing their photos, videos and general accounts of frigid weather, bleak-looking skies and wintry precipitation.

Snow and hail have been reported around Guelph, Ottawa and Orangeville, as well as near Perth and a bit north in cottage country locales as parts of the province battle the beginnings of some wet, heavy squalls, freezing temps and strong winds.

People in downtown Toronto are also citing hail and large, wet snowflakes, the first for the city this season.

Though above-zero temperatures in most areas mean the snow isn't really sticking to the ground just yet, there are some places where accumulation has visibly started amid a decent sprinkling and an undeniable chill.

In Muskoka, there was even enough snow to play in and build snowmen out of today, which gave people something to do while parts of the municipality  experienced a power outage.

Of course, there have been plenty of citizens complaining about the dreaded onset of the cold, but there are also quite a few celebrating it.

Drivers are being advised to look out for slippery conditions and reduced visibility, and also to exercise caution, especially seeing as most have yet to switch to their winter tires.

Ontario Provincial Police have already had to attend to dozens of accidents in the last 24 hours.

In Toronto, it's presently 8 C, which feels more like 4 C and will dip down to - 1 C by Wednesday night.

There's the potential for some lake effect snow around the province over the course of this week, as well as lower thermometer readings than we've been used to lately. And, after a flip-floppy November, weather-wise, we will be seeing more winter weather ahead of the holidays this year than we usually do.

Evidently, it's time to break out the winter wardrobe (and hey, the skis, snowboards, and skates, too!) if anyone in denial of the season has yet to do so.

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