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Heat warning and extreme humidity persists in Toronto and people are over it

The extreme temperatures and humidity Toronto has been graced with in recent days — or cursed with, depending on which kind of weather you prefer — is here to stay, it seems, with Environment Canada issuing yet another heat warning early Monday morning while the forecast projects another 30+ C day.

According to the government agency, the city is slated to see temps of 31 C today, which with humidex values will feel more like a punishing 36-40 C under sunny skies.

By Wednesday, the humidity will have it feeling like 41 as the heat wave continues to mid-week.

Envirocan warns that this can mean deteriorating air quality, especially concerning for vulnerable populations, and is reminding citizens to stay hydrated, seek shade and preferably air-conditioned shelter, and be cautious exercising or working outdoors.

This should be nothing new for people in the GTA, who after a wacky July filled with thunderstorms, hail, tornado warningsdangerously smoky air, apocalyptic-looking suns and unseasonably brisk days have been hopefully enjoying the more consistent, hot summer weather so far in August.

But, as welcome as the warmth and sun may be after last month (and given how short our summers typically are), there are only so many consecutive days that one can savour such weather before it becomes somewhat annoying and even unbearable — something residents have been taking to social media to express.

This particular heat warning began last Friday following record-breaking mugginess on Thursday and equally scorching days in the weeks prior.

The nights, too, haven't provided much alleviation, while a lack of wind and cloud cover have exacerbated things.

If thermometers creep over 31.7 C at any point today, the city will be breaking a temperature record set in 1949 and not matched again until 2020.

Thankfully, a risk of thunderstorms on Thursday may temper things, while Friday will fall to a more comfortable 24 C, which will feel like 27 C, per The Weather Network.

Torontonians should also be sure to remember amid all of our complaining that we will no doubt be pining for such climate when Canadian winter, with its penetrating chill and perpetually grey skies, arrives before we know it.

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Howard Yang

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