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Toronto bracing for muggiest August 19 on record in over 65 years

A week after a heat warning issued by Environment Canada, Toronto is preparing to break a record for the muggiest August 19 recorded in the city since 1955.

This summer, Toronto weather has been very inconsistent, with cooler and extreme weather finally stepping aside in August to make way for the relentless humidity and heat warnings that have become a quintessential part of the local summer experience.

The latest meteorological news means Toronto should expect humid, sticky conditions tomorrow. Though Environment Canada is forecasting seasonal temperatures with a high of 29 C for Thursday, a report from weather service Rolf's Weather shows that humidex values will have the air feeling like 37 C.

This added heat factor will make tomorrow the muggiest August 19 on record since 1955, when meteorologists measured a humidex factor of 40.2 degrees.

The latest measurement would make tomorrow the hottest and most humid August 19th since an era when Toronto's first subway was just a year old, and the city was home to only 1,365,000.

Environment Canada has issued heat warnings throughout northern and western Ontario and Special Weather Statements for the Quebec-Ontario border.

Despite the high humidex factors in store for Toronto and the surrounding region, no warnings or statements have been issued for the Greater Toronto Area or anywhere else in Southern Ontario.

The City's 13 emergency cooling centres will not be operational without an official warning or weather statement despite the oppressive heat.

It is still probably a good idea to follow the same suggestions officials would be suggesting to stay safe, such as seeking out shady, cool or air-conditioned places and avoid prolonged exposure to the heat.

These latest extreme heat statistics come after another few heat-related records were nearly broken in the city this month.

Seven consecutive days in August recorded minimum temperatures greater than 20 C on Toronto island.

The August 10-17 window was the third-longest recorded run of consecutive August days with a minimum temperature above 20 C, just four days behind the record.

Pearson Airport also approached record temperature readings back on August 11; a 4 p.m. humidex of 40.8 was the second-highest recorded for that date since record-keeping began almost 70 years ago.

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