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Ontario has seen one of the screwiest Julys ever when it comes to weather

Between tornadoessevere thunderstorms, extreme heat waves, random bouts of hail, a bright red sun punctuating eerily hazy skies and more, Ontario and Canada at large has seen an extremely messed up July 2021, weather-wise, The Weather Network has noted.

While temperature records were broken and hundreds of people died from heat on the west coast, Ontario has had its own spate of heat warnings and oppressive humidity this month — along with thunderstorm warnings, air quality warnings, tornado warnings and the like over the past 30 days.

Amid spans of rain, unseasonable cold and dreariness, intense heat also reared its head, as did a pungently smoky atmosphere and some of the worst air quality in the world due to hundreds of wildfires that are still burning in the northwest of the province.

Hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest in the areas of Red Lake, Kenora and Sioux Lookout have been decimated and evacuations have ensued as new blazes still continue to pop up over a large chunk of Ontario.

As a result, parts of the province — such as Toronto — have multiple times this month been among the top places for poorest air quality internationally, beating out notoriously smoggy locales like Beijing, Jakarta, Kanpur and others.

July also brought thousands of fires in B.C. and the prairies, with smoke carrying thousands of kilometres, all the way to Atlantic Canada and the U.S.

"Not only did the smoke obscure the midsummer sun, but winds pushed much of that smoke down to the surface and resulted in long periods of dangerous air quality for much of the country," the Weather Network says on the subject of this month's climate.

"Southern Ontario endured several days of thick smoke in mid-July, causing the region's air quality to plummet to its worst level in two decades. Air quality issues reached deep into the United States, as well."

On the topic of Atlantic Canada, that part of the country encountered some freakish tropical storms, twisters and the remnants of hurricanes through July, while Ontario had 10 of the 12 tornadoes that touched down on Canadian soil this month.

"This puts the province ahead of the number of tornadoes reported in Oklahoma so far in 2021," TWN writes.

Looking more globally, floods, droughts, wildfires and more extreme weather phenomena have wreaked havoc in multiple continents, making it pretty hard to deny or ignore how the climate is changing and what role we may be playing in that change.

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