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Toronto is about to get hit with yet another extremely humid heat wave

Hot, summery August climate is upon the city of Toronto, and though we're seeing far more consistent seasonal temperatures and less bouts of extreme weather this month compared to stormy, erratic July, there's another heat wave in the cards this week, just days after the last one.

Yet again, residents will want to stay shaded, hydrated and maybe consider limiting outdoor activities — especially physically strenuous ones — in the coming days, as temperatures are slated to feel close to 40 C.

Though the thermometer will only read around 28 C for most of this week, the humidex value is set to reach between a scorching 36 C and 37 C from Wednesday to Sunday, according to the latest from The Weather Network.

Thursday and Saturday will be the hottest days, both with a forecast of 28 C — which will feel like 37 C with the humidity — but a risk of thunderstorms on Thursday and chance of showers on Sunday will hopefully temper things and give local flora, fauna and humans a bit of a break from what is shaping up to be a very hot and mainly sunny week with virtually no winds.

There is also a good likelihood (70 per cent) that storms will bring 2-4 mm of precipitation on Tuesday, which is expected to be 26 C but feel closer to 34 C. The clouds will linger for parts of Wednesdaay, which is only due to have five or so hours of direct sun, compared to 11 on Friday and Saturday.

As of Monday afternoon, the temps sit at a far more mild 24 C under a mix of sun and cloud; 29 C with the humidex. Light rain is projected to develop overnight as we move into a potentially thunderstormy Tuesday.

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