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York police warn people to stay off ice after multiple scary rescues

As springtime approaches it's important to remember that the warmer weather has left plenty of people on thin ice.

York Regional Police have issued a reminder to stay off the ice on large bodies of water after having to perform several rescues over the weekend. At least six people have been treated for hypothermia as a result.

For those who do insist on travelling across the ice, a video was posted asking that those people at least travel in a group, wear a floater suit, carry a charged cellphone, and let others know where they're travelling.

Not limited to just people, at least one vehicle recently fell through the ice into Lake Simcoe as well. Some poor individual's F-150 has been left sleeping with the fishies until at least spring when it can be safely pulled out of the water.

A statement was published to the York Regional Police website on Tuesday reminding everyone that no surface of ice or body of water is ever completely safe. 

Unfortunately, this is nothing new, as every year local rescue crews are tasked with saving people, pets, and children that have fallen through ice after venturing too far out over the frozen surface of Lake Simcoe, Lake Ontario, or other nearby bodies of water.

While there are few things more Canadian than skating across a frozen pond, prioritizing safety is the key to lacing 'em up again next year.

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