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Toronto man took a bath in Lake Ontario in February

This winter there's been no shortage of people taking advantage of Lake Ontario. It's seen swimmers, surfers and skaters, but now we can add bathers to the list.

Baraa Barazi grabbed his teal loofah and bathing suit before heading down to Humber Bay Park for a chilly bath, just days ago.

He told blogTO that it was -5 C outside, with a wind that made it feel extremely cold. While these wouldn't be the most ideal conditions for most people to get into their bathing suits, for Barazi it's a kind of art.

He works as an artist and interior designer in Toronto and makes these crazy videos in his spare time.

lake ontario toronto

Baraa Barazi is known for his questionable winter outfits.

For onlookers, the sight of a man and his loofah may have been odd, but the message behind it is more meaningful than it seems.

"My motivation for this video comes from the current state of the world, I titled it 'Be Patient.' The message is that with patience we can withstand anything, everything will be OK! Hence the image of the relaxing guy taking a leisurely bath in a freezing lake," he said.

Barazi assured us that he did not bring shampoo into the water, but the loofah did have some soap residue from being used previously.

lake ontario toronto

Baraa Barazi losing his clothing on a winter stroll in January.

This is not the first time Barazi has stripped during freezing temperatures, he is known to brave the cold for content.

"I'm always challenging myself to find unique settings and stories for my videos. It's kind of like putting together things that don’t match and making it work," he said.

Barazi's videos are meant to have a crazy factor because he loves to see people's reactions. His Instagram is filled with adventures from all over the world and his crazy videos are followed by thousands. 

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