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Toronto will be getting double digit temperatures this weekend as spring arrives

Don't let today's overcast skies and 0 C wind chill in Toronto fool you — spring is definitely on the way for the city, set to formally make its arrival on Saturday, which marks the end of a dreary winter in lockdown and the official first day of the new, more hopeful season.

We managed to dodge a severe weather system that was anticipated to potentially bring some messy freezing rain to the area Thursday, and the next few days are looking up, with double-digit temperatures in the forecast this weekend and early next week.

According to The Weather Network, some "perfectly-timed" spring weather will kick off with above seasonal conditions starting Friday when the sun emerges once more.

Saturday is projected to be 11 C and sunny, dropping a few degrees to 9 C on Sunday before hitting 12 C on Monday and 11 C on Tuesday, when we can also expect to enjoy the sun in all her glory all day long.

The warmth will stick around through to the end of the week, though there are some light showers projected for Wednesday amid 10 C temps, as well as on Thursday, which will be 12 C.

The precipitation will clear up again by next Saturday, which is forecasted at this point to be 10 C.

Though we've been teased with a few beautifully mild days so far, hopefully we can finally now slough off those bleak winter months, and the more agreeable above-zero weather — and patio season, which we might be getting even in the grey zone — will be here to stay.

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