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The rest of Toronto's winter is set to be milder than usual despite the Polar Vortex

Toronto may be in for some freezing days ahead due to the Polar Vortex, but the long-term winter forecast will be milder and wetter than usual. 

That's according to David Phillips, Environment Canada's chief climatologist.

"The second half of winter will be more winter-like but not brutal," Philips told blogTO.

Who would have guessed that 2021 would bring such unusual weather? Since November 2020, the lowest temperature recorded in the city was -9 C, which, for people in Toronto, is a breeze compared to the usual teeth-chattering temperatures. 

Environment Canada's forecast trends predict that Toronto may get some of the freezing weather associated with the dreaded Polar Vortex towards the middle of next week, around January 18th to 25th, with temperatures potentially dropping to -20 C during the evening, according to Phillips. How long this will last, however, is uncertain. 

"Our models are showing that it may be normal the week after," said Philips. "I wouldn't call in the troops or head for the hills."

Phillips predicts that the month of February will be milder than usual with a high chance of rain and snow, erring on the slushier and wetter side. Although it's not sunshine, let's be grateful that we won't be looking at freezing temperatures. 

"The look ahead looks like it's going to be wetter than normal. If it stays mild it will be more rain but if it's cooler we will have more snow," he said.

With cases of COVID-19 on the rise and a stay-at-order home recently implemented by Premier Doug Ford, people will have to get creative and bundle up while finding ways to get exercise outside through this potential cold spell.

Ontario's lockdown has made people in Toronto reliant on outdoor activities like walks, skating, and simply getting a breath of fresh air all in the name of maintaining sanity. Hopefully, with warmer weather on the horizon, Toronto can press through the chilly days ahead. 

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