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10 ways to escape the cold in Toronto this winter

Escape the cold in Toronto this winter by sweating it out, getting cozy, or pretending you're in a tropical country while sipping on Tiki cocktails. Snowy season doesn't have to be totally miserable, you just have to find a way to turn frigid into fun.

Here are some ways to escape the cold in Toronto this winter.

Try infrared yoga

You've heard of hot yoga, but have you tried doing donward dog in an infrared-heated room? Solis Movement in Etobicoke is bringing this new technology to the city, which purportedly is a lot more effective, comfortable, and sanitary than regular hot yoga. 

Eat hot pot

Broiling vats of broth and Sichuan peppers galore will definitely help you beat the cold this winter. For mind-numbingly spicy Chinese hot pot, I recommend DaLongYi in Richmond Hill for spice-filled soups and chilli pepper-covered meats. 

Visit a Russian bath

There's a reason why the Turkish and Russians have been using this bathing method for centuries. Head to a proper banya (the South-Western Bathouse in Mississauga is a good one) to melt in a healing steam room, followed by tea. 

Go bowling

The pasttime of yore is slowly making a comeback for the retro folks, especially with the revival of classic alleys like The Shamrock Bowl. Slip on your bowling shoes and demolish those pins (and winter blues). 

Go for a sweat therapy session

Sit back, relax, and cocoon your entire body in a heated infrared blanket that reaches temperatures of 80 degrees: it's relaxing, I swear. Dew Sweat House in Leslieville will have you perspiring your butt off while watching your favourite show on Netfix for deep physical benefits. 

Indoor mini golf

Shoot your shot at Par-Tee Putt, the modern mini golf course in the Entertainment District where you and your friends can putt your way through Seinfeld- and Game of Thrones-themed courses while throwing back cocktails and hot dog sliders. 

Do a boxing class

Counteract the strong, visceral urge to hibernate by heading to one of the many great boxing gyms in the city — Undrcard is a good new one. You might regret your decision during your fifteenth round of burpees, but your body will definitely thank you later.

Hit up an obstacle course

Feel like a kid again by frolicking around at Pursuit OCR, an indoor obstacle course in Etobicoke complete with a Mario Kart-inspired tricycle course. What's a better way to spend your day: shovelling snow, or jumping into one of the biggest ball pits in the country? 

Get active at an indoor sports field

Dithc the frozen outdoor fields and visit some of the best indoor sports fields in the city. Score on mini soccer fields or dunk on them at Toronto's most popular basketball facility, open to the sporty types year-round. 

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Hector Vasquez at Dew Sweat House

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