dew sweat house toronto

Dew Sweat House

Dew Sweat House is a small, minimalist studio located on the corner of Gerrard and Logan. For 55-minutes, you get cocooned in a heated blanket, while lying on a comfy bed watching Netflix.

The heated infrared blankets reach a maximum temperature of 80 degrees Celsius. I started with a modest 62 degrees and worked my way up to 65. My goal is to hit 70 degrees eventually.

dew sweat house torontoThere are unique benefits to the sweating produced by infrared heat. The nature of infrared light encourages more sweating at a lower heat.

The infrared blankets bring the heat closer to the body, and with it, deeper penetration into the tissue, joints, and muscles. The idea is that the blanket warms your core temperature, dilating the blood vessels, causing more perspiration and detoxing.

dew sweat house torontoYou sweat out double what you would in a sauna. The blankets only warm your body, not the air around you allowing you to breathe fresh air instead of recycled, warm air.

Sue Kuruvilla and Julianne Smola, owners of Dew, have been friends since university, but this is their first time going into business together; something they had talked about doing for years.

dew sweat house torontoKuruvilla experienced the perfect combination of wellness in mind and body after trying an infrared treatment in Los Angeles. It was the first time in a long time that she managed to get a good night’s sleep, entirely undisturbed. And the same thing happened on a red-eye flight back from L.A. after a sweat session.

Being unable to find a dedicated spa-like infrared sweat house in Toronto, Kuruvilla and Sue decided to create their own boutique. The name ‘Dew,’ was an instant hit. A name that brings to mind a cleansing, refreshing, and invigorating experience. As an added bonus, the pun options are endless. “Let’s Dew this,” is a favourite of theirs.

dew sweat house torontoThe most important thing to do is to hydrate before, during, and after your session since you’ll be losing a lot of water. Wear breathable, comfy clothing for your session.

dew sweat house torontoIt’s recommended that you don’t shower 45 minutes post-sweat session to give your body the time to return to its normal temperature, naturally. Bring a change of clothes with you. There are change rooms, but no showers.

dew sweat house torontoAbout those orange slices after the session. The intention is to encourage you to take a moment, relax, and refresh before running out the door. Your body needs the cooling off time. Plus, it’s a great way to add a little more Vitamin C to your diet.

dew sweat house torontoIt’s the last 10 minutes of the sweat session that get you. Impatience sets in and you’re ready to get out and cool off. That’s why Netflix is a great distraction, but it’s also when a Lavender-scented wet towel is applied to your forehead, making it the perfect remedy. Pro tip: take your arms out of the blanket and stretch them above your head.

dew sweat house torontoThe appeal of Dew is that you get to relax guilt-free while catching up on Netflix. Your sleep at night will be amazing. Deep, fulfilling, and peaceful. I felt calmer, lighter and had less anxiety post-sweat.

Think of this as adjacent to a hot yoga class, minus all the work. And you’ll be giving back! Dew offers a free sweat to anyone who has recently undergone cancer treatment.

dew sweat house toronto

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