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Siberia Vintage

Siberia Vintage sits on the corner  of Delaware Ave and Bloor St West cascaded by its teal blue exterior and bolded white signage in the centre of Bloorcourt. You wouldn't be able to miss it if you walked by.

The store is in a large space that's been organized to perfection. Each rack is colour coded and only contains the best quality vintage items. 

"Not only is the colour coding fun for us as workers to organize, but it also creates a fun, enticing, and stimulating visual experience," says employee Mel Lodu, who's been working with Siberia Vintage since 2020.

Siberia VintageWith a focus on garments sourced from the 20th century, you'll find no stitch, pattern, or style younger then 1990, "This classifies us as a vintage store, not a thrift store," adds Lodu.

Siberia VintageWhen sourcing their clothes, pickers (a term used to describe the person who finds, buys, and digs through bins of clothes that make up a vintage stores inventory) put a large emphasis on finding unique and special pieces that come in a wide range of sizes, including plus size, which is difficult to come by in vintage. 

Siberia VintageStaying true to its extravagant character, Siberia is home to baby pink floors, eccentric wallpaper, vines that hang from the ceiling, neon signs, and the bust of a deer that hangs over the counter and watches you as you make your purchase.

Everywhere you look there's something extravagent that adds a new element of character to the space, "Some days you'll walk in and the owner will have a new decoration up. This space is just an accumulation of the wacky and fun decor items she can find," say Lodu with a giggle. 

Siberia Vintage

When it comes to unique items, that sentiment isn't exclusive to their curated selection of clothes or quirky decor but for their accessories as well. 

Siberia VintageFrom vintage cowboy boots, to sunglasses, jewelry, buttons, and vintage prints, you can find everything you need in one space to originate the quintessential vintage outfit with all its accessories required.

Siberia VintageDue its large space, Siberia has opened its doors by inviting in other vintage sellers.

Not only does this provide space to sellers who don't own bricks and mortars, but helps to engage community through shopping local, introduces new vintage shops to its regular customers, and spices up its inventory.

Sellers StrawberryandPeachers, Cherry Buzz Thrift, and Vintage Hussy are only a handful of businesses that Siberia welcomes in. 

Siberia VintageThe most intriguing part of Siberia might be a tiny annecdote that is on display at their counter that serves as a 'if you know, you know' kind of situation. 

Two years ago a rock was thrown through the large front windows of the vintage store, causing damage but also causing a memory that will never be forgotten. 

Siberia VintageThe rock now resides in a vintage carry-on luggage filled with knick knacks and goodies titled as "the treasure chest" with a tiny smirk as if it is constantly reliving its devious entrance to the store. 

Whether it was the mysterious rock thrower (who has never been caught) or someone who worked at the store at the time who drew on his conniving expression is still a mystery, but its presence brings joy and good laughter to those who know of its backstory. 

siberia vintageThrough many years of dedication to curating the best quality of vintage and developing relationships with new, old, and returning customers, Siberia Vintage has found comfort and content at its Bloorcourt location. 

Siberia VintageSiberia Vintage is located at 955 Bloor st West.

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Siberia Vintage

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