undercard boxing toronto

Undrcard Boxing Toronto

Undrcard boxing is Toronto's rhythm-based boxing workout that has set up in the space that was once home to the beloved Footwork Nightclub.

Undrcard first opened in Calgary in 2016 before expanding to Toronto which is having a love affair with the elevated boxing experience.

undercard boxing torontoUndrcard and Toronto's other boxing studios brought to boxing what spin studios brought to indoor cycling a few years ago - movement to the beat of a song.

Undrcard’s boxing classes combine cardio, boxing, and strength training into one 50-minute class.

undercard boxing torontoEach move is curated to a specific beat of the music, and every class has a specific playlist that corresponds to the punches you’ll deliver on the bag. The power of music applied to the boxing environment makes you work longer and harder.

undercard boxing torontoFrom its decor to its mission, Undrcard represents the “fight club meets night club” vibe. Inside, the room is dimly lit with 30 bags hanging from the ceiling and an exceptional surround sound.

undercard boxing torontoThe dark lighting reduces the anxiety of being seen by others allows you the opportunity to go as hard as you want on the punching bags. As with any intense night club, Undrcard leaves you sweaty with a rush of adrenaline.

undercard boxing torontoUndrcard also provides a boxing ring in the centre of its studio where you can get one-on-one training.

undercard boxing torontoJoanna 'Magik' Majcherkiewicz is one of the founders of Undrcard. She has always loved skiing and board sports and worked as an announcer at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.

undercard boxing torontoBut her love for boxing led to her launching Undrcard, because boxing is an effective workout and Undrcard is the interpretation of fitness and boxing.

undercard boxing torontoUndrcard’s five instructors are a mix of boxers, personal trainers, and athletes. Eddy “Espresso” Bucardo’s classes are already the coveted ones due to his level of precision, intensity and upbeat music.

Before the class, you’ll need to wrap your hands and grab boxing gloves. For first-timers, make sure you arrive early to get acquainted with the studio and go through a short demo on boxing techniques.

undercard boxing torontoIn between the rounds of boxing and punching are strength training exercises done on the floor beside the bag. With intervals of squats, burpees, and push-ups, the 50-minute class moves fast with little time for breaks. Because the class is so fast-paced and the music is great, the class flies by.

The name of the studio comes from the technical boxing term. In boxing, the undercard describes the person that comes right before the main event or the headliner.

undercard boxing torontoThe undercard is considered the underdog, the person who isn’t a pro yet but is training to get there. For Majcherkiewicz, that really resonated. “At Undercrd what you’re training for in the gym is the main event of life,” said Majcherkiewicz.

undercard boxing torontoA drop-in class is $28, a first-timer two for one class is $28. An unlimited monthly pass is $300.

undercard boxing toronto

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