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DaLongYi is a hot pot restaurant serving mind-numbingly spicy bowls of simmering chillis and à la carte meats. 

Taking traditional Szechuan-style hot pot to the next level, this Chengdu-based chain has exploded across Asia since it first opened in 2014 (its dragon mascot is recognized across the continent). 

dalongyi torontoAlready a favourite spot of Asian megastars like G-Dragon and Fan Bingbing, the celebrity-endorsed brand brings its soup bases and signature sesame oil-in-a-can to Toronto for the very first time. 

dalongyi torontoThis Richmond Hill plaza restaurant sports the same ornate, lacquer interior design in flaming red as all its other locations around the world. 

dalongyi torontoWhen it comes to a mess-less meal, DaLongYi has you covered. A bin is provided for you to leave all your belongings in, as are branded aprons and hair elastics, so you can leave the restaurant stain-free. 

dalongyi torontoUnlike most other hot pot places, DaLongYi isn't all-you-can-eat; diners are charged per plate on top of their soup base, like DaLongyi's signature Original Spicy Chilli Oil Broth($26.99).

dalongyi torontoIf you can't handle heat, stay far, far away from this nefariously hot concoction of 28 ingredients, including several different types of flaming hot chilli peppers.

The pot comes with 1,900 grams of hulking beef fat bricks, which melt as your soup comes to a broil.   

dalongyi torontoMilder options are available. DaLongYi's Toronto location is the only store to offer the lowest level of spicy broth in their One Flavour Pot ($19.99), which only has a one pepper rating as opposed to the Original Broth's whopping six pepper rating.

dalongyi torontoSince it's not AYCE, you can expect a higher quality of ingredients to go into your pot.

dalongyi torontoDishes like rose meatballs ($7.50) and octagonal slices of premium beef tongue ($5.99) are beautifully presented.

dalongyi torontoSlices of their Kung fu beef tripe ($7.99) are as big as your hand.

dalongyi torontoThe metre-long goose intestines is definitely an interesting order.

dalongyi torontoIt arrives elegantly arranged on a mound of ice in one, uncut piece.

dalongyi torontoOther styles of pots include a Pot Within a Pot ($21.99), which lets you order two types of broths at once from a smaller selection. 

dalongyi torontoA mixed mushroom broth is totally mild—just make sure not to throw any spicy meats in there, like beef slices completely covered in peppers. 

dalongyi torontoYour mouth will likely be burning after a few minutes here: an order of plum juice ($4.50) or even better, a pitcher of watermelon juice (8.99), for the table is basically mandatory.

dalongyi toronto

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