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Here's a map of all the cannabis stores in Ontario

Cannabis stores in Ontario are opening all around, with one officially open in Toronto and more on the way. 

Here's a list and map of all cannabis stores in Ontario with some currently open and others still to come.

Hunny Pot

This Queen West shop was the first official cannabis store to open in Toronto on April 1.


Though a sign on the door was posted saying "opening in a few days," it's unsure when this shop at 20 Cumberland will actually open for operation.

Tokyo Smoke

Though the public notice period has ended, no official opening date has been locked down for this former HMV on Yonge being turned into a cannabis shop by a familiar brand.

Nova Cannabis

The public notice period has ended for this shop opening up in an old American Apparel space at 499 Queen West, but it's not clear what their opening date will be.

Canna Cabana Toronto

Though Hamilton and Sudbury stores are set to open on 4/20 (April 20), Toronto's location of this shop at 435 Yonge won't be opening until later, the public notice period for their application ending April 9.

Ganjika House 

Brampton's first cannabis store opened on April 1 at 186 Main Street South. 

RELM Cannabis Co.

This was the first place to sell cannabis in Burlington with a location in Fairview Plaza that opened April 1.

Pioneer Cannabis Co.

This cannabis store at 1200 Brant has sent in an application, and the public notice period ends on April 16.


This mysterious cannabis store is Ajax's first at 20 Kingston Road. They've submitted their application and their public notice period has ended but there’s no confirmed opening date. 

Canna Cabana Hamilton

The Hamilton location of this chain at 1317 Barton Street East is set to open on 4/20.

Hello Cannabis

Previously a medical resource, this place is looking to turn their 57 Cootes Drive location into a cannabis store that’s been approved, but has no set opening date.

Fabulous Leaf 

The public notice period for this cannabis shop at 575 Laval Drive has ended, though it’s unclear exactly when they’ll be opening. 

Central Cannabis 

This slick operation opened at 666 Wonderland Road on April 1.


This cannabis store set to open at 1025 Wellington isn't sure yet when they’ll be able to open, but the public notice period for their application has ended. 

J. London 

This store at 691 Richmond has had their license issued, but it's uncertain exactly when they'll open.

St. Catharines
The Niagara Herbalist 

At 33 Lakeshore, this cannabis retailer opened up on April 1 to become the only legal store in the area.


This cannabis store officially opened on April 1 at 1306 Wellington Street West.

Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store 

This cannabis store should now be open at 391 Bank Street. 

York Street Cannabis

Operated by Fire and Flower, this store opened on April 1 at 129 York.


This store at 27 Princess received its license in time to open for April 1.

Brock Street Cannabis 

Run by Fire and Flower, the AGCO website says this store at 75 Brock is approved to open and operate, but the Fire and Flower site says it’s still opening soon.


The public notice period for this store's application has ended, and they should be open soon at 1299 Marcus Drive, though there is no official date.

Canna Cabana Sudbury 

Like the Hamilton location, this store at 2019 Long Lake Road is slated to open on 4/20.

Niagara Falls
Choom Cannabis

The public notice period has ended for this cannabis shop at 7555 Montrose, though there is no official opening date set.

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Hector Vasquez

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