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These major brands are trying to sell cannabis in Toronto

Cannabis is proving to be a very lucrative industry in Toronto now that it's legal, so it's no surprise that some very big brands are hoping to hop on the retail bud bandwagon pronto. 

Whether it's planning new brick-and-mortar weed stores in Toronto, partnering with pot producers, or preparing to launch edible cannabis when it becomes legal in October, these business are vying for a piece of the Cherry Pie—pending government approval, of course. 

Here are 10 major brands trying to sell cannabis in Toronto. 


The oldest brewery in North America is looking to hit the cannabis market with, you guessed it, weed beer. Though the product is still in research stage, the brewery is definitely serious: they've officially partnered with fast-expanding cannabis producer HEXO to co-create a new brand called Truss

Steam Whistle

More weed beer, courtesy of the city's favourite green-bottled beer brand, but not just that: the president of the homegrown brewery told BNN last year that Steam Whistle also looking at launching its own line of cannabis, and maybe even a pot shop.

Second Cup

Canada's second largest coffee chain hopes to transform its cafes into a network of recreational pot stores (if they eventually manage to score a retail license). They've got their eye on converting more than 20 Ontario stores, which will all branded under its partner, National Access Cannabis


This homegrown cannabis lifestyle brand (pronounced "Weedbox") is already selling it strains through the OCS website, but they also plan on opening a flagship store at 49 Ossington in April. It'll just be a lifestyle store at first, until they get their hands on a retail licene, that is.

Friendly Stranger

By no means is this quintessential Toronto head shop just entering the world of weed, but they sure are expanding. They announced last year that they've partnered with Green Acre Capital to expand to nearly 100 stores, hopefully to sell more than just accessories. 


Another vet in the game, Hotbox and its new organization, Hotbox Holdings Inc., is expanding beyond its Kensington Market digs behind Roach-A-Rama with a new store on Danforth called The Good Grass that eventually hopes to sell weed.

Green Growth 

This American weed retailer has been trying to enter the Canadian market for a while via a merger (or aggressive takeover) of Ontario-based cannabis company Aphria. They haven't been successful so far, which means the 25 stores they intended to open in Toronto are up in the air. 

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