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The Best Dog Parks in Toronto

The best dog parks in Toronto will give your canine companion a much needed break from condo living and cramped backyards. If your pooch spends all day cooped up inside, then a trip to one of these parks with off leash zones is well-deserved. 

Here are the best dog parks in Toronto.

Grange Park

Just north of Queen and John streets is this stunning, brand new park tucked behind the AGO. There's a modest dog off leash area, but seeing as there aren't many parks in the area and a plethora of condo's filled with furry friends, this is sure to be a canine hot spot all year long. 

High Park

If you like a scenic walk, High Park is one of your best bets in Toronto. The expansive green space boasts lengthy off-leash trails complete with rivers and ponds, as well as the very active Dog Hill with a dog drinking fountain, benches, and plenty of space for your four-legged friend to run wild.

Trinity Bellwoods

Trinity Bellwoods is a popular spot for people and pooches alike. In the centre of the popular West Queen West park you'll find an off-leash pit with dog fountain . where your canine companion can mix and mingle with the hippest foxhounds and French bulldogs in the city. 

Allan Gardens

The dog park at Allan Gardens may not be the biggest, but it's one of the most aesthetically pleasing in the city. The off-leash area is lined with manicured bushes and features dog sculptures.

Withrow Park

If you live by Logan and Danforth, Withrow is mostly likely already your park of choice for dog walking. It boasts a fully fenced-in dog area with a wood chip-laden terrain, perfect for post-rain walks (it'll save you a trip to the groomers).

Greenwood Park

Leslieville may be known for its killer brunch spots and coffee shops, but the dogs who live here have it pretty good as well. Greenwood Park's off-leash area is mostly unobstructed by trees and shrubs, making it ideal for a game or five of fetch.

Sherwood Park

Sherwood Park in North Toronto is ideal if you'd rather go for a stroll than post up on a bench. The green space features a lengthy fenced-off trail area where you can let your dog run wild or get in a work out of your own by hiking alongside him/her.

Riverdale Park West

Riverdale Park West offers an expansive, grassy terrain with steep hills that will help tire out your dog, and you as well (if you're into that sort of thing). The park is known to get pretty crowded on weekends, so it's ideal for pooches that are in need of some socialization.

Cedarvale Park

If you live in and around St. Clair West, Cedarvale Park is where to take your dog on their next outing. The designated dog area is free of trees, so you'll be able to keep a close eye on your canine companion at all times. Alternatively, if you're okay with keeping your dog on-leash, opt to explore the rest of the ravine - it's one of Toronto's best.

Wychwood Barns Park

Wychwood Barns Park is also a well-loved spot along St. Clair West, thanks to Artscape Wychwood Barns. The dog park here may not have lengthy trails or be as large as others, but it's location is what earns it a spot on this list. The space is outfitted with picnic tables, so owners can kick back while their dogs play.

Sunnybrook Park

Near Leslie and Eglinton you'll find Sunnybrook Park. The area is known mainly for its scenic walking trails, which are great for dog walking (if you don't mind keeping your pooch on a leash). The off-leash section of the park is small -- especially considering the size of the park -- but offers poop bags and seating for owners.

Etobicoke Valley Park

Etobicoke Valley Park's off-leash area is one of the largest and is located just outside the city. It's crowning jewel is the creek, where your four-legged friend can cool off in the summer or grab a drink. The area is definitely not as manicured as some of the downtown parks on this list, but that's part of its charm. A huge plus: there's free parking nearby.

Cherry Beach

When the weather's nice, there is no better place to be than the beach. Luckily, many of Toronto's best are outfitted with fences so your dog can enjoy it as much as you do. Cherry Beach is the place to go with your pooch in the Port Lands, offering a large stretch of land and shoreline. If you're farther east, check out Kew Gardens for a similar atmosphere.

Ramsden Park

Tucked away in Rosedale's Ramsden Park you'll find a dog park large enough for your four-legged friend to frolic to his/her heart's content. The space is well-loved because it doesn't feel as caged in as others in the city. It's also equipped with plenty of seating for owners, and a dog-drinking fountain, so you won't have to carry along water.

Thomson Memorial Park

If you hail from Scarborough, Thomson Memorial Park is where to take Fido. The Brimley Road dog mecca is divided into two sections, one for larger dogs and another for smaller companions. This helps to ensure that your dog won't get into a scuffle with a pooch double his/her size. There's also ample seating for owners to kick back on while their dogs socialize.

South Stanley Park

South Stanley Park is where all the King West canines congregate. The off-leash area will give your four-legged friend the exercise they need after spending all day in your apartment. The space doesn't get as busy as Trinity Bellwoods, making it a great alternative for those that dwell on the west side.

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