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Rogers is now offering a rebate for huge internet outage but also warns of scams

To reward all of the Rogers customers who made it through the gongshow of a network outage that took place on Friday, the Big 3 telecom company is now offering a rebate to people's monthly bills (as if they'd be able to get away with not doing so after the nearly 24-hour blackout).

While the company is automatically applying a credit to all accounts — an amount that will vary based on the type of plan a user is on — they are also warning of a number of scams that have popped up to take advantage of the situation and people's eagerness to be reimbursed for their trouble.

"We are aware of scam text messages being sent claiming to offer credits in the wake of July 8th's service interruptions," Rogers tweeted out the following day.

"We will apply the credit proactively to your account & no action is required. If you receive a suspicious SMS, please forward it to 7726 (SPAM)."

Texts have apparently been providing a link to claim a flat-rate rebate — something that anyone who has received a fraudulent text will know is a clear sign it's bogus.

As of Sunday evening, Rogers stated that its systems were still only "close to fully operational," with some customers still experiencing "intermittent challenges" with their wireless, home internet and/or TV service.

Naturally, a ton of residents have made the switch to another, more reliable provider in the past few days, especially given that this isn't the first time that Rogers has had such massive disruptions.

Now that we've all seen how many people and businesses rely on the Rogers network for daily functioning, as well as the fact that all of Toronto's debit machines are tied to it, hopefully something will change regarding their shoddy service and their monopoly over the industry, like people are now calling for.

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