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Huge Rogers outage leaves tens of thousands in Canada without phone or internet

If you woke up to find you have no cell, internet and/or TV service Friday morning, you're not alone, as a widespread Rogers outage is impacting a ton of customers across Canada.

The issue started in the wee hours of the morning and continues to persist at the time of publication, and given that the telecom giant is one of the main three that residents rely on, tens of thousands of people are in the dark, communication-wise.

According to outage tracking site Downdetector, it appears that problems began around 5 a.m., with large swaths of southern Ontario, Winnipeg, Montreal and Moncton among the most impacted locales.

The most reported issues are a total blackout of both mobile and landline internet service, though some are just experiencing just one or the other.

Those of us who use different providers for each or aren't with Rogers at all are certainly feeling lucky to start our mornings off fairly normally as the brand's customers struggle with huge disruptions to work and life in general.

Though so many are without service, Twitter and Reddit are still chock full of complaints this morning, with Rogers customer service surely overwhelmed.

People are noting that some ATMs and debit machines at businesses are also being affected.

And, Toronto police have have reported that people are having trouble calling 9-1-1, though the center itself is operational.

There's still no word on when networks might be back up again, as the brand has yet to comment on the issue.

It certainly isn't the only time in recent memory that this has happened, with the company having to dole out a credit to customers last year after a full day without wireless service.

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