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There's apparently been a Rogers internet outage in Ontario for three days

If you're one of the millions of Ontario residents who gets their internet from Rogers, you may be encountering some serious issues with the service in recent days, as many customers have been reporting complete outages for multiple days in a row now.

People across the south of the province have been complaining of connectivity problems with the Big 3 telecom company, alleging at best spotty, and at worst a complete lack of internet and thus TV service.

It seems that the snag has been impacting areas ranging from downtown Toronto to Waterloo, Hamilton to Whitby, Barrie to Brampton and further, and have been ongoing for some people for more than three days straight.

"Everything is still a blackout and looks to be for the foreseeable future," says one user, Mark Wallace, who's been without service since Saturday.

As a result, he was unable to submit a school assignment, missed a request for an appointment and his phone data is now "going through the roof" — so much so that Rogers actually paused it because he was eating through it so quickly.

"Every aspect of my life is tied to the internet... and Rogers themselves have been unreachable."

Others online seem to have been encountering the same difficulties, with many particularly angry that they found themselves unable to stream the Toronto Maple Leafs' crucial game 7 against Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday evening.

Some customers even appear to be having issues with their mobile browsing, as well as home phone service.

And it's apparently based on the complaints flooding social media that these are not individual, one-off disruptions.

Rogers, in response, has been asking customers to DM them directly about the issue, though they did not reply to blogTO with comment.

Outage reporting site claims there are no snafus through the provider at the time of publication, but it does show a large volume of interruptions in the past 24 hours.

In widespread outages in the past, Rogers has issued clients a credit, though that was in the case of wireless service, and not internet specifically.

This is definitely not the only time in recent memory that people in the GTA had to go without their Rogers internet, but it certainly may be one of the longest-lasting issues.

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