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Toronto Raptors players tried to draw the OVO logo and the results are wacky

Toronto Raptors, new and old, are excited to be home, and you could sense the anticipation for the upcoming season during the team's media day on Monday.

Players and coaching staff had a chance to catch up with the local media, or for some players, meet them for the first time, turning the page on what feels like the start of a new beginning in the franchise's post-championship era.

But there was also plenty of time for the fun diversions typical of these media events.

If seeing new addition Goran Dragic flexing his Connect Four skills wasn't enough, fans were also treated to various Raptors players showing off their artistic sides, drawing their interpretations of the OVO owl logo.

Maybe it was inspired by Bo Bichette's hilariously bad drawing of the Toronto Blue Jays logo that recently drew a collective chuckle from sports fans across the nation. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but the results are in some cases just as bad if not worse than "Vincent Van Bo's" flawed masterpiece.

Some of the drawings were honestly not so terrible.

Despite rubbing fans the wrong way upon learning of his trade to Toronto, Goran Dragic is getting praised for the accuracy of his drawing. New TTC rider Pascal Siakam and 2020 draft pick Malachi Flynn also both had the right idea.

But a few were downright terrifying.

OG Anunoby, just as beloved for his deadpan humour as his clutch shooting, drew something that looks somewhere between Victor the Just For Laughs monster and a bloodthirsty Pokémon. And the teeth. Oh, the teeth.

Many players participated, but of course, the reactions mainly focus on OG Anunoby's nightmare fuel drawing.

Even with the arms and teeth, some really liked OG's contribution, with one even calling it a "surrealist masterpiece."

While the day was more about the upcoming season than team-created art projects, these fun pre-season sideshows offer up a window into the individual personalities behind the jerseys.

OG Anunoby's hilarious take on everything from art to fashion certainly stands out.

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