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Toronto is in love with OG Anunoby after his game-winning buzzer-beater

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's OG Anunoby with the three, bringing his team back from the brink of certain defeat with zero seconds on the clock in an almost unbelievable twist ending to Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals!

We all stan a 23-year-old British guy who's hotter than fire and cooler than ice.

Toronto Raptors fans are reeling today in the wake a game-winning, season-saving, buzzer-beating shot, the likes of which we haven't seen since the shot by Kawhi Leonard in Game 7 of last year's eastern semifinals series against Philadelphia.

This time around, it was Anunoby (with a beautiful assist from Kyle Lowry) who saved the day for the Raps by sinking a three-pointer to bring Toronto to a 104-103 victory against the Boston Celtics.

It had seemed like all hope was lost when the whistle blew on the final play with just 0.5 seconds left on the clock and Boston up by two points.

Then came what Sportsnet's Steven Young later called "the most important half-second of Toronto's 2019-20 season."

Anunoby hit the buzzer-beating three-pointer, giving Toronto a much-needed win after two consecutive losses to the Celtics. The series is now 2-1 for Boston — which is far better than the 3-0 lead they would have had if the Raptors hadn't scored those final three points.

It was an absolutely glorious moment to behold.

What fans on Twitter seemed to enjoy even more than the shot itself was Anunoby’s reaction to sinking it.

The British-Nigerian NBA player, who joined the Raptors in 2017, was cool as a cucumber while his ecstatic teammates swarmed him on the court.

When asked by reporters after the game about his stone-cold expression, Anunoby said simply: “When I took that shot I expected to make it. I don't shoot trying to miss.”

"Every shot I shoot I try to make it," the small forward continued. "So I was not surprised. I wasn't surprised."

"I know he's excited. I think that that's just his nature… I don't think he's a guy that's going to run around the court. I mean, that's just not his personality," said Raptors Star Fred VanVleet of the moment.

"So that was true OG form right there, to knock down the biggest shot of his life and act like nothing happened. But for the rest of us, we were more excited for him probably than he was for himself.”

Kyle Lowry, who himself is being widely praised for the perfect pass that made the shot possible, was similarly thrilled for Anunoby.

"That’s a tough shot, give OG that credit, the pass was just to get it to a guy like OG," he told reporters. "That’s OG's moment, man. That's a great moment for that kid and I'm so happy and so proud of him, man. Don't take away – that pass meant nothing, that shot was everything."

"I know deep down inside he's excited and he'll get a lot of text messages and he needs the credit, he deserves all the love and celebration he's getting tonight, that kid works extremely hard and, like I said, it’s his moment," continued Lowry.

As for Anunoby's take on the shot, he told reporters during last night's scrum: "It was cool. Just getting ready for Game 4 now."

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