622486 280 sideroad melancthon

You can buy this church in Ontario for less than $300K

With rising real estate prices in Toronto, finding a property under $300,000 is nearly impossible.

While there is the occasional condo for a reasonable price, the average price is closer to $600,000.

622486 280 Sideroad Melancthon

The church for sale sale at 622486 280 Sideroad, Melancthon was home to a Catholic church until 2017.

Most Toronto homes are well over a million. So it comes as no surprise that people are looking outside the city for something reasonable.

A church for sale at 622486 280 Sideroad in Melancthon, north of Orangeville, is listed for just under $300,000.

622486 280 Sideroad Melancthon

The church pews have been removed from the inside.

But unlike a church listed for sale in Port Hope and a $2 million converted church loft in Toronto, this building will need some work before it could be a home.

This building was once home to St. Patrick Roman Catholic Church of Melancthon but in 2017, the 40-member congregation decided to move out and hold services in Trinity United Church in Shelburne.

622486 280 Sideroad Melancthon

The front of the church has a simple arch that could be a decorative home feature.

The Father Paul Mathew Vellimoozhayil told the Shelburne Free Press that there were concerns about the building.

"The age-old structure of the Melancthon Church is not that strong, it was decided to move out," Father Vellimoozhayil said.

The history of the church dates back to 1858 when it was a log-hewn building that also served as a school. In 1879, the wood building was replaced with a brick church.

622486 280 Sideroad Melancthon

The stairs lead to a loft.

The approximately 1,500 square-foot interior is completely open with a church loft.

622486 280 Sideroad Melancthon

The loft could be a small space for a bedroom.

There is a tiny bathroom and not much else. The water is from a drilled well and there is no septic system.

622486 280 Sideroad Melancthon

The bathroom would need upgrading if this were to be a home.

The cemetery on the east side of the church is being severed from the current one-acre lot.

622486 280 Sideroad Melancthon

There is a cemetery on the east side of the church.

The new buyer would have to invest in renovations but the brickwork on this building is beautiful.

622486 280 Sideroad Melancthon

The brickwork and gothic windows are beautiful.

The owner would also have to change the zoning from institutional to residential if they wanted to use it as a home.

622486 280 Sideroad Melancthon

There would be some work to do on the exterior and interior of this building.

If you are willing to do some work, however, this could be a unique and interesting country home.

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