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Someone documented their bonkers experience hanging out with Drake in Toronto

Having a wealthy friend in your circle can come with some fun perks, but being pals with an international recording icon with a net worth in excess of a quarter billion dollars will get you some pretty outrageous mileage. Like a VIP trip to Toronto.

One friend of homegrown hip hop legend Drake showed some of the luxuries available to people in the Certified Lover Boy rapper's inner circle, sharing a video of his recent trip to Toronto to hang out and ball with the city's biggest celebrity.

Multi-sport student-athlete phenom and social media influencer Anthony Hamilton Jr. shared the wild experience on social media, the American college basketball and track-and-field star taking followers on a brief rundown of his luxurious visit to Toronto.

After landing in the city, Hamilton was put up in an elegant room at 1 Hotel Toronto with a view of the city, which he was free to explore thanks to a 24/7 car service in a Tesla Model X with its stylish gull-wing doors. All on Drake's dime, of course.

As is customary for high-profile visitors, Hamilton visited Drake's famous Bridle Path mansion, known as The Embassy, where even just getting in the front door was an experience. "I got lost...in the driveway," says Hamilton.

But then it was time to hit the famous court, so Hamilton was sent off to change and get ready. Even just using the bathrooms at The Embassy is an experience, Hamilton remarking, "sun tanning beds in the bathroom, no big deal."

He then passed through "a walk of fame to the gym," saying, "at this point, I'm mind blown, I'm like 'Anthony, what the f*** is going on!?'"

And the college basketball star has high praise of Drake's actual balling abilities, saying he "can actually hoop, I'm not surprised."

But the experience only got better for Hamilton when dinner time rolled around. The whole crew got to drive downtown in style, with Hamilton being casually given a Lamborghini to travel around in like it was no big deal.

They then dined privately atop the Shangri-La Toronto, giving a new meaning to 'friends in high places,' and if that wasn't enough, Hamilton later got to pick out around $3K worth of free swag from the OVO Store.

It must be nice to be friends with a megastar.

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