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Toilet in Drake's Toronto mansion looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie

The toilet is just a necessity of life and usually nothing to get too excited about, but international recording superstar Drake is known for living large, and even his toilets take things a bit far.

When he's home at his gargantuan palace in Toronto's Bridle Path neighbourhood, Drizzy refuses to settle for the porcelain throne of a commoner, instead choosing to do his private business on a high-tech commode that would feel right at home on a futuristic movie set.

Budding U.S. hip-hop star YK Osiris got a firsthand look at (and possibly a more up-close experience with) this space-age toilet on a recent visit to Drake's mansion, unable to hold back his excitement over the ridiculous "smart toilet" in an IG story shared on Tuesday.

Based on the distinctive remote control and folding lid design, this appears to be Kohler's Numi toilet. If that's indeed what we're looking at, Drake is absolutely living his best life in the bathroom.

It'll run you almost $7K USD, but the Numi will do just about everything you'd want from a toilet, along with some other things that absolutely nobody on the face of the earth has ever asked for from a toilet manufacturer.

Sure, perks like heated seats, foot heaters, a built-in bidet, a warm-air-dryer, and deodorizer spray nozzles all sound luxurious, but there are some other elements that range from embarrassing to borderline invasive.

Anyone with privacy concerns over data might not jump with joy over the Numi's Amazon Alexa compatibility. Imagine asking Alexa to raise the fancy automated toilet seat or engage the bidet function with guests in the next room, though this probably isn’t an issue when you live in a vast mansion.

If that wasn't enough, the thing plays music with stereo speakers, so at least you'll have some noise cover when asking your toilet to clean your nether regions.

If you can justify spending such an outlandish sum on a basic home appliance and don't mind family and friends overhearing you converse with a toilet, your biggest challenge just might be losing the remote.

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