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UFC fighter calls Drake out and tells him to go back to his 'shitty little albums'

Though the beef between Drake and Ye may have been all for show, a new feud has formed between Toronto's most famous export and a UFC champion, and based on the words exchanged, this one might be pretty legit.

The rapper has been famously dabbling in sports bets lately, first risking $1.6 million on the Super Bowl last month, and then dropping $275,000 on the main event of UFC 272 over the weekend. 

And while he won two of his three football bets and still came out on top, he lost his latest purse when his pick for the fight, Jorge Masvidal, lost to rival (and favourite) Colby Covington in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Since the star placed his bet so publicly — with a video of him making it via Stake circulating widely on social media — Covington had a message for Aubrey during his post-brawl presser.

"Let's talk about all the money that Drake lost tonight, he needs to go back to, you know, selling those shitty albums to get back the money," Covington said.

"I'm America's champ, and I was America's pick of the week. Drake, you suck at sports betting. Go back to your shitty little albums and rapping."


Drizzy has yet to publicly respond to the insults — he's probably got a lot more on his mind anyway — but it's hard to imagine any sort of amicable relationship between the two in the future now.

Many fans have since stepped up to defend the musician, saying that he makes way more than Covington and so "can afford to put that money down and lose it, unlike you."

And based on a new partnership Champagne Papi just announced with the same betting app he used to wager against the MMA fighter, there will be a lot more money — and sports bets, successful or not — in his future.

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