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Shawn Mendes opens up about new breakup song from his Toronto condo

Shawn Mendes has been fairly quiet on social media since announcing his breakup with singer Camila Cabello back in November, but the Pickering-born artist recently reappeared online to talk about the reception to his new song from the comfort of his Toronto condo

"I'm in my condo in Toronto right now and I just wanted to make a little video and say thank you to everybody who has been connecting with 'It'll Be Okay,'" he says in the Instagram video, posted last week. 

It'll Be Okay, Mendes' latest single, was released on Dec. 1 and seems to directly reference his breakup with Cabello.

"When I make music, the ultimate goal is to kinda be sitting there and have my own truth revealed to me," he says in the video.

"And a lot of the time when I'm writing songs, I'm usually using music as a platform to be able to get to a place inside of myself that I wouldn't be able to get to by just talking to people or thinking about it."

Mendes goes on to explain that he's been struggling with social media and his relationship with it recently, but he's still been receiving tons of messages about how much fans are connecting with and enjoying the new song.

"I see a lot of TikToks of people crying and getting emotional and I hope that's because there's some truth in the song and there lies honesty in it," he says. "And I just feel so proud of that song and I feel so grateful that you guys are connecting with it and I feel so grateful that people are being vulnerable with it."

Mendes' tone remains relatively subdued throughout the two-minute video, which is undertandable considering his recent breakup. Still, he makes a point of emphasizing his love and gratitude for his loyal fans. 

"I just wanted to come on here and show my love and appreciation," he says. "I see you guys and I see how much love you're giving and giving me, so that means the world to me so thank you. I love you guys."

Mendes returned to Ontario to spend the holidays with his family at the end of 2021, as he typically does around this time of year, though there's no word on just how long he'll be in town before heading off to his next destination.

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Shawn Mendes opens up about new breakup song from his Toronto condo