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Video provides the ultimate sneak peek into Shawn Mendes' Toronto condo

Shawn Mendes fans were fortunate enough to get a sneak peek into the Pickering-born pop star's Toronto condo when his Netflix documentary In Wonder was released in November, but a new YouTube video from real estate account AnyHome provides an even closer look at the musician's downtown home. 

AnyHome, which shares videos showing some of the world's most glamorous real estate with voice-over narration providing facts and prices for the properties, posted the clip about Mendes' unit in December, and it includes fun facts and photos of the penthouse. 

According to the video's narrator, Shawn's condo was constructed in the middle of 2011 and sold to its first owner in October of that same year for $962,000. 

The narrator mentions that the building is centrally located and provides "one of the best viewpoints in downtown Toronto," though its exact neighbourhood and address are left out to preserve the pop star's privacy. 

Mendes reportedly purchased the unit in July of 2017 for $1,750,000, and the narrator says this translates to roughly $1,114 per month in HOA fees for general maintenance and his two heated parking spaces. 

The videos features photos of each room inside the three-bedroom, two-bathroom, 1,444-square-foot penthouse, and it also offers a view of the 750-square-foot terrace overlooking the CN Tower and Rogers Centre. 

In his Netflix documentary, Mendes excitedly says his condo's view is "the best view [he has] ever seen in Toronto," and it's also likely the main reason why he hasn't upgraded to a bigger, fancier home in the past couple of years. 

But while Mendes could likely afford a bougier place, his Toronto penthouse is far from a dump, and AnyHome's video shows off its glamorous floor-to-ceiling windows, large walk-in closet, luxurious rain shower and fancy chandelier. 

According to recent social media activity, Mendes and his girlfriend Camila Cabello are currently staying at the condo in downtown Toronto with their adorable pup Tarzan after spending Christmas with his family and Pickering

And based on the photos and information from this video, to say they're living comfortably would be an understatement.

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