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Toronto's infamous after hours club The Comfort Zone plans to reopen as soon as it's safe

The Comfort Zone after-hours club in Toronto says they're "not going anywhere" and shared that they plan to reopen, adding that "the well-being and the safety of our patrons is our top priority."

The club has been making the best of things during these times, helping out with the Together at the Drive-In festival on July 25 and 26.

"Since the beginning of the pandemic, we continually hosted free livestreams on our social media platforms to encourage people to stay home and enjoy the music while staying safe," says The Comfort Zone management.

"We also partnered up with Together Toronto and other entities and brought in the first drive-in music festival on July 26th for people to enjoy, be outdoors but still be safe and socially distance in their vehicles."

DJs that have been live streaming from the club include Ticky Ty, Jules Bangs Worth, DJ Quim, Billey Barry and Joee Cons.

"Even with Stage 3, we chose to stay closed since we felt it's still not safe and still too early. As for reopening our doors to the public, we will definitely reopen at our current location, 1369 Queen Street West. We are not going anywhere, we are just being cautious," says management.

"We will stay in close contact with health officials and local authorities and we will announce a reopening date once it is deemed safe. Now, we can't guarantee when we will reopen but we guarantee that once we do we will be stronger and better than ever before."

Though they've both moved, The Comfort Zone and Silver Dollar remain next door to each other, but in Parkdale now. The Silver Dollar has a reopening show planned for Oct. 1, and should hopefully be reopening for in-person events soon.

"We are in contact with Toronto public health to figure out how establishments can open and operate safely," says management.

"Asking an artist to sit and not dance, in my opinion, does not work.  Honestly, the number of cases were very promising, and we thought we would be opening fairly soon. But unfortunately, the negligence of some has caused a spike in the cases again so it is still premature for us to comment on when we will reopen to the public again."

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