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Keshia Chante yells at Toronto rapper who stopped 401 traffic to film video

Social media is reeling over a spat between two Toronto musicians that awkwardly took place during a livestreamed video chat on Tuesday.

Keshia Chante — which millennials will remember from such hits as 2003's Bad Boy, 2004's Does He Love Me and 2006's Been Gone — invited up-and-coming rapper Top5 to hop onto her Instagram live for a chat, and it seems that she wasn't impressed by the way the 22-year-old was speaking to her.

The 32-year-old R&B singer and songwriter had to repeatedly ask Top5, who recently made headlines for stopping traffic on Highway 401 to film a music video, not to disrespect her after he cockily suggested he could help "put her back on" people's radar due to his fame.

Chante got heated, saying "Go Google [me] if you need to learn... I'm still from Toronto, I'll still drag you."

She reminded the youngin that she's had 12 number one Billboard hits, to which he replied "but I'm being honest, you haven't been making no noise since."

Chante quickly clapped back: "You know why? Because I'm busy getting TV money, interviewing Michelle Obama, that's why."

She then abruptly kicked him off her live, saying "get off me ting, bye" before telling her 1,638 viewers that she will "drag mans" even though she's "a nice sweetaz." 

Fans seemed to find the whole interaction absolutely hilarious and many responses after-the-fact have mentioned either loving or absolutely hating Chante's use of Toronto slang throughout the confrontation — especially seeing as she's actually from the Ottawa area.

"Lmaooo I’m surprised she had the Toronto slang in her still," one Twitter user said.

"Why does she keep saying she's from Toronto?? Keshia, sweetie you're from Ottawa," another tweeted, to which yet another responded "she started wit her version of Toronto slang to convince the viewers, 'get off Mi TiNg.'"

People are also cracking up about the fact that while people who were growing up in Toronto in the early 2000s definitely know Chante's name, those in their early 20s or younger may not.

And, the reverse is the case for Top5.

Since the ordeal, the young artist has posted multiple Instagram stories insulting his older predecessor, tagging her and writing "you r washed" with laughing emojis, and then posting a screenshot of her Wikipedia page with the caption "your suppose [sic] to be a millionaire at dat age gg."

Chante, meanwhile, doesn't seem to be dwelling on the drama.

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