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Toronto streets transformed into NYC for filming of latest season of The Boys

Toronto will once again serve a background role in the latest season of Amazion Prime's hit superhero series, The Boys.

Downtown streets were transformed into a fake New York City stand-in on Monday for the first day of filming for the show's fourth season.

Season 4 of The Boys sees the return of most of the cast (no spoilers), and series lead Jack Quaid tweeted a photo of himself alongside other actors starring as the titular crew of superhero-fighting vigilantes to announce the first day of filming.

The Church and The Esplanade area was dressed to look like a typical Manhattan street, complete with rows of yellow cabs topped with advertisements for Vought-A-Burger (referencing the all-encompassing corporation behind the show's central antagonist) and Vought News Network's 'The Cameron Coleman Hour' (an obvious shot at Fox News' Tucker Carlson tonight).

The set even featured an authentic-looking Sabrett hot dog stand, a very real brand with iconic blue and yellow signage familiar to all New Yorkers.

Previous seasons of the show have also been filmed in Toronto and the surrounding Golden Horseshoe Area, including locations like Hamilton and Brantford. Prime recently shared the locations where pivotal scenes in the show were filmed, such as Toronto's hidden Lower Bay Station.

Toronto standing in for U.S. cities is really nothing new, with television and movie sets installing Big Apple visual cues to local streets like fake subway entrances, NYPD squad cars and newspaper boxes.

Sometimes they even create fake New York City winter wonderlands…in July.

Thanks to tax credits and the comparatively cheap cost of shutting down a Toronto street versus a congested Manhattan thoroughfare, the 6ix has become a popular cost-saving alternative to filming on location in NYC.

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