The Boys filming

The Boys begins filming Season 3 in Toronto with giant gold plated statue

Amazon Prime's popular superhero drama The Boys has begun filming Season 3 in Toronto, and marked the occasion by showing off a giant gold plated statue.

The large replica of the character Homelander had plenty of fans and social media users giggling with the prominent crotch shot appearing on their timelines. Though the highly rated show is sure to have plenty of content far more shocking than that in its upcoming season.

Set in a universe where superpowered individuals exist, a corrupt team of superheroes works for a corporation that cares more about marketing opportunities than saving people. The story follows a vigilante group named "The Boys" who wish to expose the corruption and stop the public from worshipping these villains disguised as heroes.

It's full of shocking twists and turns as well as plenty of gritty content. Needless to say, many fans are counting down the days until Season 3 begins, so the start of filming is a welcome milestone.

The show has received endless accolades including multiple awards and even being listed as one of Barack Obama's favourite shows of 2020. With the vast majority of it being set in Toronto, residents of Canada's largest city have enjoyed it slightly more as they recognize their favourite landmarks and street corners.

Passersby have noticed a large number of production trucks parked outside of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre where the show is being filmed. Unfortunately, it seems it will take a hero with x-ray vision before we can spot exactly what they're up to inside.

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