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One of Toronto's most popular Pakistani restaurants turns into set for Netflix production

If you were planning to order dinner from one of Toronto's most popular and palatial Northern Indian and Pakistani restaurants this week, make sure to wait until Friday.

Lahore Tikka House, located at 1365 Gerrard St. East, announced this week that it would be closed from April 26 to 29 due to a Netflix shoot taking place in and around the restaurant. 

"We're so excited by the opportunity!" the restaurant wrote on Instagram.

And while the business didn't reveal which production is using the restaurant as its backdrop this week, Toronto Filming tells blogTO that it's likely one of three major Netflix productions currently shooting in the city: Umbrella Academy, Slumberland or Locke & Key.

"All three are large productions, but my opinion is that it's Umbrella Academy because it wouldn't be uncommon for them to film in a restaurant," Toronto Filming, the anonymous Twitter account that keeps close tabs on all film and television activity in the city, tells blogTO.

Some have also pondered that it could be Wedding Season, Netflix's new comedy starring Schitt's Creek actor Rizwan Manji

But viewers will likely have to wait to spot the location on Netflix to know for sure.

Lahore Tikka House is meanwhile scheduled to reopen to the public on April 30 at 3:30 p.m.

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One of Toronto's most popular Pakistani restaurants turns into set for Netflix production

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